The Future Given by God

Oooooooh Boy


A Bag of Tricks and Gimmicks

This is what happens when you let Hikasa Youko go full retard

First they lure us with mind games then they serve non-stop comedy. Seriously, just how awesome can this show get?!


Talk about Nonsense

Takehito Koyasu FTW!!

Reasons for watching this:

1) Endoh’s gang is awsm as fuck! (Can’t get enough of that OP song)
2) EP 2′s pengin-robo is cute
3) I found myself laughing at the penguins and their tail dick antics rather than boobs. I mean, boobs are too mainstream! Every harem comedy series has it and I find it quite boring to be laughing at boobs all the time (anime/manga that is not hentai that abuses boobs – yeah, boobs OP but tail dicks are trying to offer something more retarded here).

Banana Phobia?!

The Week That Was #2

Waste not, Want not

As another week ends, garbage collection begins.


Utopia || Dystopia

Matsuoka x Kayano FTW


This is how it ends…

The weekend just started and instead of easing myself to relax, I’m already perplexed.


The Week That Was #1.5

I- wut


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