Akame ga Kill

Probably one of the most enjoyable villains around.

By setting expectations low, I can say that Akame ga Kill did its job well. It may not be as faithful or as brutal or as enjoyable as the manga but it did at least know what it was doing and delivered based on its genre.

However, my major complaint with this series would be the lack of characterization for the rest of the characters.

With respect to Wave, he was much more competent in the manga especially after Bohrs’ death. He really worked hard and stood up for his comrades especially for Kurome.

At least Run didn’t become a zombie

While they retained his relationship with Kurome in the anime, they just depicted him as an indecisive pushover. In the manga, they stressed how strong this guy is, being able to go against Akame, Mein, and Lubbock and keep them at bay.

But the biggest letdown was probably Shura. They built him up like some greater power only for him to die in one episode. What the fuck was that? He did many more atrocities in the manga that justified the death he deserved which felt really shallow in the anime.

I wonder if Tatsumi also dies in the manga

Adaptation aside, this was a good series to measure Soma Saito and Amamiya Sora’s talents. Saito was a decent pick for the role of Tatsumi but I think there can be other guys who are good for the job. He is a promising seiyuu especially after his role in Zankyou no Terror but goofy roles and shounen characters doesn’t look like one of his strong points. Still, i’m looking forward to hearing him again and I do hope he lands on a character that is befitting of his strengths.

Akame ga Ghoul??

Deadpan Amamiya Sora is nice; quite refreshing from her kind roles, but I prefer her powerful acting as Touka in Tokyo Ghoul. Well, her role as Akame is a good pick considering it stands in-between Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) and Kaori (Isshukan Friends) and I think she did well on it. I’m actually looking forward on how she portrays Erina in the upcoming adaptation of the manga Shokugeki no Soma.


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