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The following is an excerpt from from Tvtropes:

Lying Creator:

Gen Urobuchi shortly before the series premiere:

“I have been entrusted with the formidable task of series composition and script for all episodes. Although having director Akiyuki Shinbo and Ume Aoki-sensei as teammates puts a great deal of pressure on me, I will do my best to deliver a heartwarming, happy story to our viewers!”

* If you actually believed that last part, you don’t know what his idea of a “heartwarming” story is.

* From his postface to the first volume of Fate/zero:

Urobuchi Gen wants to write stories that can warm people’s hearts… But from I don’t know when, I can no longer write works like this. I am full of hatred towards men’s so-called happiness, and had to push the characters I poured my heart out to create into the abyss of tragedy…

* Urobuchi later confessed that the lying was an effort to maintain the surprise for episode 3, the original plan for the production team was to hide Urobuchi’s involvement with the show, so when the staff list was leaked he tried to do damage control. Now that the cat is out of the bag and it’s clear nobody believes that he reformed: “Okay now I’ve took a big load off my mind. Thank you everyone who keep up until today! I’m going back to the normal Urobuchi from now on!”

* Note that episode 3 is his idea of going back to “normal” and we should probably be getting scared now

Now I admit that a moment ago, I have no idea who this guy is nor do I have any clue how authentic the statements above were especially about the confession but if this is the guy that did Phantom and Blassreiter, is it safe to assume that Madoka will have a satisfying tragic end? Both the protagonists of Blassreiter and Phantom died after all XD

But whatever, I guess this is something I’ll look forward to for the upcoming episodes… Let’s see how the Mahou Shoujo genre gets butchered by this guy XD

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