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Because stupid ideas run wild

After being inspired by a thought-provoking post I decided to take this opportunity to look back at my roots as a blogger.

Seikon no Qwaser Character Song Mini Album


Chu-Bra Character Singles

I would be lying if I said that I downloaded all of these tracks since I love the songs of this series. If there’s anything that made me touch this stuff, it would be Hikasa Youko. Although I may get away with just listening to her single and scrapping the rest, for fairness sake, i’ll go through all 4 of them. Hopefully, I get to stumble into really good ones.

Like my disclaimer on the Umineko Chara singles, I do not know any terminology about music. As such, I can only describe what I felt as I listened to them. And no, I have no clue as to what the lyrics meant so let’s see how close my emotional interpretation is with the lyrics :p


This isn’t usually my cup of tea but I can’t let this one pass

I love listening to character singles despite the rarity of the songs being translated however, there are some series where i tend to turn a blind eye on when they went out and released some of their own (i.e. Zero no Tsukaima series). oddly enough, despite being my seasonal favorite, i did the same with umineko’s 1st release of chara singles whose songs were sang by Jessica and Maria. I also did the same with beato’s and george not until yesterday. with bumming my ass and playing “a children’s card game” in my PSP, i got curious whenever i read beato’s name over nipponsei’s rss feed. so out of that, i decided to finally check things out, expecting that beato’s song must be filled with insanity, her annoying laughter and expecting myself to be pissed while giggling over the song…


[Kokoro/Kiseki] I just can’t stop crying…

watching all 3 vids in sequential order really can’t stop me from crying T_T