The Chosen One



Rika Route

Rika may be a total fucktard but she does look cute when she tries to dress up… That or she looks like an elementary schoolgirl because of her backpack?

There’s definitely something up with that marriage stuff they’ve been discussing the other day. Whether or not this becomes a turning point, nobody knows.

Why the fuck does Yozora trip on landmines EVERYTIME when it comes to Yukimura. If she’s out for appeal, she shouldn’t have changed her wear.

Kodaka’s Harem is Heaven on Earth… Too bad, the dense fuck can’t even realize it.

At the Edge of Defeat

This episode just left me speechless


Epic Fairytale


In Perversion We Stand

Who the fuck cares if a Demon Lord does appear? Shiroyasha definitely hijacked the entire show!

Arai Satomi has proven her prowess as the perverted Kuroko Shirai from the Index/Railgun series but maaaaaaaan, she’s simply amazing when she voices unrestrained perverts. Hats off to you!! XD

Pity the Fool

They do understand that THIS Keima is the one from 10 years ago right? The UNSOCIABLE KID WHO WAS GROWING UP TO LOVE VIDEO GAMES, RIGHT?!

That aside, I wonder if there’s a relationship with the spirits who escaped (Tenri’s arc) and the time-traveled Keima?

Tainted Destiny


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