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“Everything begins from my point of view, it ends with yours”

Since majority of my influence in life came from anime (or cartoons if you will), I guess I’ll be discussing more of that.

For a pastime, I have been very fond of watching animation from our local channels. The first anime that I vividly remember would be Little Lord Fauntleroy (well accepted in my country as “Cedi, and Munting Prinsipe”) followed by “A Little Princess Sara” (“Sara, ang Munting Prinsesa”). I don’t know what compelled me to watch it; was it the fact that I was amused of how these vivid, brightly colored characters are able to imitate real humans and real-life drama or was it the subconscious acceptance that anything reflected in this “dream-like” reality defies all possibilities of hardship and misfortune and that good always triumphs over evil (spare me, I was a child back then).

While fantasy anime was mainstream, my attention definitely shifted upon the introduction of mecha in the form of Voltes V and Daimos. I could remember waiting eagerly for it every Saturdays and Sundays and despite the scathing remarks and inquiry of my parents about the opening and ending song animations (they left it in Japanese), I still continued to watch and love the shows. Come to think of it, I guess that’s also my first time being engrossed in Japanese songs. Compared to the local artists and bands at the time, the opening and ending music delivered by anime gave a different sensation; It was something unique and foreign to the ears but I feel accustomed to it, regardless of the fact that I do not understand what was being said. Maybe I was already weird back then so… meh? :/

Even at school, instead of hanging out with friends, I would always prefer of going home early and watch the afternoon anime. At that time, Evangelion and Gundam Wing was the “New Frontier”. I was inclined to watch Gundam Wing more since I really found it weird to watch Evangelion. I guess its deep plot never sunk in my childish mind back then and I kinda liked the action that Gundam Wing delivered. I remembered back then how some of my classmates who watched Sailor Moon and Saint Tail got labeled as gay so I never was able to touch those kind of anime for awhile. I eventually tried to watch it out of curiosity and I find it to be good though, I still did not publicly announce back then that I watch those kinds to avoid bullying and whatnot but I personally believed back then that mahou-shoujo anime like those are just as entertaining as the mainstream mecha and action.

Many anime came after that. It was a boom, so to speak. I was able to watch various kinds of anime as TV stations tried to best each other in providing mainstream that kids would embrace. I came across memorable characters, across plots and endings that made me cry (while being ridiculed by the people in my house), and there were many things that I learned but if there’s one anime that has been memorable to me, it will always be Rozen Maiden.

Rozen Maiden has been the first anime that I chose to watch. It wasn’t an anime shown via local stations but rather, an anime that I came to pass by as I was window shopping at a nearby mall. I’m definitely not a child back then (and not a lolicon yet… I think?… subconsciously perhaps?) but I wondered what attracted me to buy and watch it. Was it the opening song “Kinjirareta Asobi”? that was playing as I pass by or was it the animation? Whatever it was, I was definitely hooked and I watched Rozen Maiden, it’s sequel and even its movie. If I recall correctly, I think it was Rozen Maiden who made me such a seiyu fanboy… Guess I gotta blame Rie Tanaka and her Suigintou performance for that XD

Anime background aside, I guess I should tell more about this site.

Despite being somewhat of an anime blog site, the contents posted here are not necessarily, or rather, focusing entirely on anime. From time to time, if I feel like it, I cover manga and even music/OST. Sometimes, if i feel like it, I’ll blog visual novels and whatnot.

In a way, this blog contains my frustrations and learnings in life; Not that this blog details my daily (mis)adventures but rather, this blog serves as my shout out for anything that have influenced and developed my personality: from anime to music to novels and movies, even certain real life individuals that I can think of (as of the moment that I wrote this, I can’t think of anyone). I guess this is my way of saying, “thank you” to those great minds that delivered to me an experience from the benefit and comfort of my little “box”.

With that said, despite being a blogger, I decided to not rely on a particular writing style or rather, a particular method. Sometimes, I change how I write my blogs; from writing/removing summaries to the presentation of images, to doing research about the post I’m going to make to just fleshing it out from raw opinion. Sometimes I follow a series from start to finish yet sometimes I simply jump in the middle or just grab and episode. I guess I’m that much of a lazy individual. But do know that despite my erratic attitude, if there’s anything consistent in my write-ups, it’ll always be what I have learned from whatever topic my post is about.

Whether it’s JUST one anime episode that completes a whole series, a line, a scene, a manga frame, whatever it is that inspired me, I will write something about it for there will always be something to learn from even the little things you won’t expect.

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