Week That Was #18

KyoAni serving us voluptuous girls is one thing but that doesn’t necessarily make Amaburi an outstanding series. It is entertaining, true, but there are some elements of its plot that feels lackluster, especially with the recent developments. It’s already six episodes and there’s still a lack of substantial progress for the things that they need to do to make the park a hit. But hey, it’s KyoAni. When those moe eyes come gazing down on you, who gives a shit about plot?

While Denki-gai does a good job with its comedy, I’m actually surprised how intelligent the series is in being able to slip in some mature character development. It emphasizes the uniqueness of our characters (beyond their retarded stunts) and how their uniqueness rubs on to each other.

The drug that was introduced to normalize the hues at the start of Psycho-Pass 2 feels like a shout-out to the movie, “Equilibrium”. Nostalgia aside, I find it intriguing how Kamui is being able to fuck up Sibyl’s system by managing to make other people “clear”. They go on a rampage and their crime coefficient would still be “normal”. And I’m interested in finding out how he does it. What flaw did Kamui “find” within Sibyl that he was able to slip past such a system?


The raid event in the depths of Calm, the murders in Akiba, the influence of the flavor texts; Whoever is in-charge of the second season of Log Horizon felt like they fucked this one up.

They were trying to narrate these events “at the same time” that the focus and intensity that the viewers could’ve invested in one story loses its efficiency when the series skips to explore another.

Did Krusty die? And what about Sansa’s arm?

I think exploring these events are possible but it needed to be handled properly so as to not lose the meaning in whatever the characters are doing. And to be honest, I’m more interested in the raid in Calm rather than the murders in Akiba.


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  1. x
    Nov 10, 2014 @ 06:23:01

    Amaburi: Agreed, this feels lacklustre, specially for a KyoAni show :p. Then again, it feels like everything since Hyouka has been downhill for them.

    Denki-gai: Yeah, that’s the impression I got from the manga as well.

    Log Horizon: I blame the author. I think he was too ambitious when he wrote this stuff. This is adapted from (at least) two volumes of the novel (one covering the events in Akiba and the other covering the raid). The thing is, many of the scenes are related to one another, and they are actually from different chapters of a different volume of the novel ^^;. Too many things at once. Yeah, the raid stuff seem to be more interesting. I tried reading the sixth volume of the novel that focused mostly on the murders in Akiba. After the first two chapters, I gave up (and decided to just wait for the anime :p) as I got very confused due to the omitted parts (that are covered in the seventh volume that focus on the raid). I was getting really bored for the most part since the drama with Akatsuki/princess felt rather repetitive and didn’t go anywhere fast XD. I think they will cover more about the raid later.


  2. baka~
    Nov 10, 2014 @ 10:00:44


    While the animation quality did went up after Hyouka, content-wise, as you said, everything went downhill 😦

    So even the novels attempted to narrate the events of Log Horizon simultaneously? Well, it is understandable how tricky the setup is but I still think it could’ve been done more… discreetly?

    Now that you mentioned it, they did focus a good chunk of the story with Akatsuki and Lenessia rather than the adventures of the Raid guild. And to be honest, one of the reasons I look forward to that is whenever I see the opening animation, we get to glimpse William wallowing in tears. For a character as strong as him to feel emotional, I want to find out “why” and the only way to see that is to see how badly beaten they are during the raid. I’d rather see a strong character realize their helplessness rather than an indecisive character get on with her inner demons. =/


  3. x
    Nov 12, 2014 @ 00:33:44

    Well, the novel covered Akiba side of the story in volume six (it doesn’t even cover the raid at all in this volume) and the raid story in volume seven (if I’m not mistaken, as I’ve not read it, though I’ve seen the chapter titles), even if the events are mostly simultaneous in the story. So you could say that the novel was more focused.

    However, I can understand why they would try to combine them in the anime. The thing is, the Akiba story boring and very confusing IMO. The first few chapters of volume six didn’t even feel like any of the previous Log Horizon novel chapters. It was gloomy. Most of the regular characters hardly gets an appearance. The story is about Akatsuki repeatedly struggling and getting nowhere (which is frustrating to read and gradually gets really boring after short awhile). Then there’s the princess’ story, but her role seem to be just to let the other characters shine more than anything else ^^; .

    After reading parts of volume six (and decided to just wait for the anime as I found myself not really enjoying it :p), I wondered if they would shorten or even not animate most of it, as it did feel like material that’s so different from previous Log Horizon arcs that it might disappoint most viewers. I did think they might combine it, but I thought it would be a disaster :p. So far, this is turning out better than I expected, even if I still want to know more about the raid (I didn’t read the seventh volume :p). I suspect that if they didn’t combine with the story from volume seven (which is about the raid), many viewers might have dropped it after one or two episodes :p.


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