Medetashi Medetashi

I always thought he's just for show... You're real man bro!

Lolicon FTW

Mediocre anime with good character designs supported by an amazing cast. Ririchiyo’s realization and “salvation” regarding her interaction problems came on such a short notice that I can’t even find myself loving how this series ended. The same goes for Miketsukami. But I am a sucker for happy endings and it just felt right for this series to end with a form of salvation befitting for both of them.


Scumbag Tadakuni

While Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou may not stand out or may even be hailed as an exceptional comedy anime, i’m still grateful that I watched this. More than the nostalgia of being a high school student is the fact that this anime is proof that no matter how idiotic the story is, a good seiyuu cast will still catch attention and give an anime its audience.

The Odd Ball Out


Just for show

YEAH! Zeheart x Romary FTW!!


Do not forget…

A man’s motivation: always doing it the hard way


Oh Marika <3

If I have to pick between Luffy and Marika, I’d prefer Marika any time of the day.

It’s not that i’m biased because of gender or I dislike One Piece but Mouretsu Pirates has an abundance of good lines found almost in every episode compared to One Piece which needs to reach a certain build-up before they could give you one.

And Mouretsu runs in 20+ episodes.

Protagonist Powers

I’m gonna be pessimistic here. I think Tits and Tsubasa are really dead and that scene just showed how Hibiki inherited their “will” or “whatever-shit-plot-device-yadah-yadah” powers. For all that it’s worth, Hibiki should be able to kick Fine’s sultry ass once and for all!

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