Ro-Kyu-Bu! PV – Shoot!

feat. Kana Hanazawa, Hikasa Youko, Yuka Iguchi, Hidaka Rina, Yui Ogura w/ Shizuka Ito

Tbh, I don’t think they have good acting skills but man, can they sing and dance well.

For some reason, Hidaka Rina has been grabbing my attention. Is it her eyes? Or probably, how she acts mature in her poses? No wait, it’s DEFINITELY the twintails!!! XD

I never actually heard Yuka Iguchi sing but I didn’t recognize her singing voice from her acting voice… awsm!

I hate the rap part… or whatever you call it at 3:17… it kinda throws the song off beat or something… probably i’m just being a dick X_X


IS episode 12: Should I pray for a season 2?

I think this is Tabane’s way of saying ‘according to plan’


Oreimo ep 13: And Kirino went another level down in my list



Oreimo ch 20: Now this is one bad kitty

This was after Kuroneko won the Siscalypse contest, giving the reward to Kirino


Infinite Stratos ep 9: It’s all fun and games except for…

Houki, just stay there in your own world


Image Shout Out: Infinite Stratos Edition


IS ep 8: Infinitely Enjoyable!


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