Week That Was #19

Being Rider is suffering

Again, attention to detail. Ufotable has invested so much of in the latest episode of Fate UBW that I simply admire how much depth they have exploited from the story. Such an example would be Rider’s death; Having her head roll while attached to her body means whoever did her in was a capable combatant in the form of martial arts and by judging from Shinji’s expression, this was someone whom he knows and works at the school.

That aside, I have to admit that I was unconvinced by the pacing of this episode. While I do feel sorry for Rider’s fate, the overall pacing of the story feels a little bit rushed especially with the development between Emiya and Rin. There’s something rushed as they portray the chemistry between the two of them. But well, this has been a faithful adaptation and I really like how things will build-up to Archer’s betrayal.

Being Mika is suffering… BUT SHE DESERVES IT

And the relationship with the Toganes and Sibyl have finally been revealed. If we look at it, back in season 1, they explored Sibyl’s influence on society while in season 2, they are exploring the flaws of the system and where such a system originated. I have to say, I love this approach that this series is taking so far.

Being the source of mindless fun, Denki-gai does not disappoint. While it does throw character developments from time to time, the antics is what really sells so damn well with this series. While I doubt if I would ever watch a second season, I do appreciate what this series has offered so far.

If there’s something noteworthy that I really appreciated with Log Horizon, it’s that our characters are really plain. Naotsugu’s real character was teased back in season 1, I think, but not Shiroe. So imagine my surprise when his real self didn’t turn out to be some hottie *cough*Kirito*cough* which maintains the anonymity that prevails in an MMO environment. Something that Log Horizon establishes and Sword Art Online forgets.

But then again, SAO is all about the kawaii desu-ne and Log Horizon is for the hardcore gamers. And in drawing that distinction, we get to appreciate what each series had to offer.

That aside, I’m liking William Massachussetts’ character. While I admire how he enjoys facing difficult challenges, I love how his attitude changed when faced with the impossible! There’s something authentic with his response that I can relate to. Because sometimes, there are difficulties in life that we can assess but when faced with what we think to be an impossibility, how should we react? How should we face such difficulties? If anything, there’s nothing more humane with the way William acted.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Dec 03, 2014 @ 01:31:27

    William would probably a great character for a protagonist if this were a shounen battle manga story or something XD.

    Denki-gai anime seem to get better and better by the episode, though I’d still highly recommend the manga.

    Not much else to mention, as I’m watching less and less anime these days. Still wondering if I want to marathon UBW (as the screenshots I’ve seen sure make it tempting).


    • baka~
      Dec 03, 2014 @ 10:17:35

      I think marathoning UBW would deliver a different experience than expecting weekly releases.

      As for William, i’m interested as to what happens to him after this raid event.


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