Redefining a “Gamer”

I wasn't originally going to post something about this anime but a certain line that Takenaka says caught my interest



Escalating Paranoia

I have to hand it to Ringo, without her, this show would've probably sucked ass


Going Back to Zero

You know what comes next after this



I'm *this* close to punching your face along with my monitor!!




Play first, win later

Because quizzes are srz fucking bznz!!


Information Gathering

Reflecting on how work (and LoL) takes a chunk off my time in digging up anime and seiyuu-related info, I finally decided to hop in the twitter bandwagon (since a friend recommended on how convenient it is to stalk others) to do the information gathering for me… I’m considering on being active again in my stagnant GooglePlus but i’ll put that on hold for a while longer… considering to use that as a more work-related facebook of sorts… GAH I have yet to fully check the features of that thing! argh! whatever, as for now, add me up on twitter so that I can scoop up delishuz anime/seiyuu info XD

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