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As with my previous post where I complained about Haruhi, I mentioned that it was raining hard. Well I don’t know if it was divine comedy or Haruhi’s wrath but a few hours later, flash flood struck and for the nth time in my life, the house was flooded again ~_~


The Boredom of the fans of Haruhi Suzumiya

It was as expected: Endless 8 didn’t end today. Now the question left is will it end on the 8th airing or on the 9th?

Sankaku reports however, a marketing strategy by KyoAni where they would be selling each Endless Eight episode, distinguished by the iterations that was kept track by Nagato, for almost the same price.

They honestly had the nerve to bring that up?

Rainy blues and endless 8

As it rains hard, making my internet stupid, I ponder as to how Haruhi’s Endless 8 continues. In a few hours, RandomC (and probably Sankaku) could be having another rage-incited post or a sigh of nauseated relief. The episode will be running for the 7th time and as speculated by one comment, endless 8 will not end until the 8th airing hence, endless 8. I don’t know whose joke this came from but this definitely destroyed Haruhi.

I doubt KyoAni could redeem themselves after airing endless 8. They’d better be showing quality episodes or sales will die and otakus all over would be in a fit of rage far worse than what already was displayed during the course of this painful endless 8 experience. Thinking back, it’s also not helping that the 10th light novel has been on hiatus for almost 2 years now. I suddenly remembered the tragedy that happened on the Rozen Maiden manga where, if I recall correctly, the editorial staff lost the original copy of Peach-Pit’s manuscript (I’m not confident anymore if this was indeed the issue) putting the entire series on a sudden end. It was only continued after a couple of years with a different plot but still related with the original. Even though I’m thankful that the manga was continued, the issue beforehand seemed to have compromised the anime version. Hopefully, they get to continue the Rozen Maiden anime (since I consider it to be the first anime I chose to watch out of a whim) and that no such far worse tragedy would befall on Haruhi (considering that Endless 8 is already one of them).

The least that I could do is rant

I think this season is one of the weakest in the field of subbing in the anime industry. Well there are still those groups that have been diligently releasing their subs on time but most of the groups there have been slacking off. Well maybe they have some internal issues but it saddens and frustrates me at times especially when I can’t slap in a new torrent when a certain anime that I have been watching is released. Take in GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class for instance. More

People are like stages in a rhythm game

as i was playing my hatsune miku project diva with the attempt of unlocking meiko’s swimsuit, I suddenly realized that reaching out to others, establishing a connection (or bond if you will) is like a rhythm game.