Bakemonogatari ep 8: White Lies



Running in circles

how long has it been since i got hooked into reading pastel?

back then, i really liked how things progressed as i skimmed through 16 volumes of that manga in one sitting. i remembered having a headache yet crying seriously back then especially when they finally became a couple. sure the courtship thing was tad long. newer and newer characters kept popping up that i can’t even get hold of who they were and what they were supposed to do but now that they already are lovers, what is there more to pastel?


Phantom ep 22: The Butterfly’s Dream

Even if it’s something boring, it has its own significance. It’s just that, people tend to forget it.

upon hearing what mio said (reading the subtitle if you will), i suddenly remembered the start of this anime where reiji was forced to become an assassin. he was fed with fatigue to make his mind numb and was forced to train in the art of assassination. he killed countless lives: men, women, and even children. he deceived tons of people especially those who he needed to kill, but after meeting cal, he definitely changed.


Needless ep 9: A Lucky Star Reunion?

taking the side of the good guys are aya endo as cruz schild, emeri katou, as disk, and the recently introduced character, seto, voiced by kaori fukuhara. what we need now is aya hirano and the main cast will be complete!


Umineko Naku Koro Ni ep 8: I NOSEBLEED!!!


Naruto Shippuuden ep 123 & Phantom ep 20

Naruto Shippuuden ep 123:

this practically covered the sasuke vs deidara arc and it saddens me that an arc that lasted a couple of weeks would end in just 2 days. well at the very least, if there was one thing this episode did for deidara is that he was damn cool. they really exploited his abilities here especially the clay puppets which made me remember that he was sasori’s partner. aside from being artists, deidara must’ve adapted to his former partner’s puppet style and incorporated his own explosive tricks. at any rate, i have so much respect for deidara. aside from his mannerisms, being a ranged fighter type in the naruto universe, he’s one that fares well in battle and his attacks require strategic accuracy. compare that to tenten and temari’s whose techniques require them to obliterate most in their path. deidara’s fight style tend to dominate the field and he clearly showed it in this episode (and definitely on the next).

Phantom ep 20:

the school episode was expected thanks to the preview on the last episode but i rechecked the title of the anime that i was watching after i saw the op… yep it was phantom alright… now if there was a time where i cursed myself for not downloading phantom EVER, this episode would be it. back then, phantom had no distinguished subbing group. even now i dunno which group to root for and since the series is nearing its end, which i doubt since they released a new op on ep 20 for an anime that’s supposed to run for 26 episodes.  going back, i could really use the screenshots in this episode to show how awesome this is ;_; …  anyways, a couple of new voices this episode as well as a friggin timeskip of 2 years. i thought mio godoh was voiced by (a)marina inoue, (b)houko kawashima, or (c) aya hirano and lol’d myself when it was revealed that ami koshimizu did it (i totally sucked ars!!!) which fits after i remembered haramura nodoka’s voice. at any rate, i’d consider this as the series’ fan service episode though it would’ve been better if there was reason to have them wear swimsuits and whatnot but i guess school life is also a fine reward for our hardworking assassins. what i was curious about was time skipped version of cal devens voiced by the awesome miyuki sawashiro. i mean, 2 years ago she was loli and now she’s a busty babe?! WTF! is it growth hormones? don’t tel me scythe master’s phantom school for learning actually makes people look older yet having a very young age. that was crazy! anyways, i liked how miyuki delivered the time skipped cal’s speech during the preview for episode 21. it just sounded like plain old miyuki sawashiro but it had some sultry touch to it that could make my nose bleed. at any rate, i’ll be expecting more next week as i sense this series coming to a rushed end or an extended season.

Umineko Naku Koro Ni ep 7: Parallel Worlds?


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