New Horizons

Why does this scene feels like an accurate delivery from the visual novels?

And after watching this episode did I only notice that this ran for 40+ minutes… Damn…

Ufotable is really setting the bar high with their adaptation of the Fate series. More than the visual quality, I like how much of Shiro’s character they managed to convey to the viewers, regardless if they have a background of the events of Fate Zero. Not only does this affirm to Shiro and his beliefs but is, surprisingly, a well-made homage to how he was presented in the visual novels.

If anything, this narrative from his perspective surpassed that characterization of him in the novels in the sense that Ufotable was able to tie in the ends that motivated him by showing tidbits of his interactions with Kiritsugu; a relationship not put into much focus in the original visual novel. So I really appreciate Ufotables delivery of this. How they managed to tie those timelines together.

This one line captured all of Shiro’s emotions. We see him working hard and a few minutes later, we see him dead…

Also, I loved how casual they delivered Shiro’s current state. His relationship with Sakura, Taiga, and even Shinji especially all the hints that he was once a member of the archery club and was driven away from it, how he was able to see Rin from afar, these subtle details blend so well with the flow of the story that I only realized them as I write this post. And for a first impression, these are all good signs.

I’m actually waiting in anticipation as to how things would progress under Ufotable’s version. MyAnimeList says this would be a 40+ minute per episode series. If it is, that’s a good thing. If it isn’t then will Ufotable cut some content along the way? Will they make a second season if ever they can’t manage to cover everything?

Uhm… Wonder if HorribleSubs would release a v2… Or will DeadFish do it for them?

But yeah, so far, this series is showing so much promise. Ufotable really surpassed my expectations and is quite making a name for themselves especially with how they handled the Fate series. Makes me wonder if they plan on reviving Tsukihime in the future.

Feels like Mahouka bro… But seriously, that’s a neat way to explore much of Shiro’s ability


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