Week That Was #17

Fall Anime 2014 is just starting yet the culling has already begun…

Cross Ange has Symphogear vibes all over it but with Gundam Seed/MJP character designs.

I get what message the series is trying to convey and I have a feeling this would have sudden death traps round the corner but this series, along with G-Reco, makes me question WTF is Sunrise smoking?

And we even have a Nana Mizuki commentary? Nice but no dice…

In any case, I’m not really convinced with this series. So this goes down the NOPE basket.


While this episode wasted 3 good minutes of my time, I think the comedic value of this series hangs on the tip of an iceberg. It’s not bad but it feels like it would die out at any moment. 15 minute shorts like Mangaka-san is good but 3 minute ones? Still skeptical. If the wife was voiced by Maaya Sakamoto that I would’ve probably grabbed hold of this for the lulz.


The less-than-an-hour primer of Fate/Stay Night: UBW just shows how good ufotable is at handling the franchise. Beyond the animation quality that I’ve been expecting, I really liked how it manages to close the gap between the events of Fate Zero and Fate/Stay Night by going in detail Rin’s side of the story: From the memento that her father left to her awareness of Sakura’s situation, the simple interactions that Rin had tied those timelines together.

I’m looking forward to how ufotable would progress with this arc. How they plan on continuing tying up loose ends with the original Fate Zero to the events of Unlimited Blade Works.

While a part of me was annoyed at how they didn’t change the opening song, another part simply never gave a fuck. Because hey, this is LOG HORIZON!

This is how you start a good impression to a continuing series

Now unlike Tokyo ESP that kinda fucked itself since it foreshadowed that the protagonist would eventually level up and kick ass, ignoring the potential deaths thanks to their OP enemies, the foreshadowing delivered by Log Horizon makes sense.

Soujirou got mad?!

Well, for starters, this series have made a name for itself. It already got rid of the introductions back in season one so the foreshadowing in season two’s pilot fits. If anything, it riles up the viewers into expecting tons of epic shit.

Is that Demikas?

Second, it leaves a lot of questions hanging. Season one left us with questions, season two started off by adding more stuff to ponder on. And i’m ok with that. The topic presented in this episode made sense. Who puts the money in the monsters and is there a way to capitalize that. With the threat of Minami robbing Akiba’s buildings, gaining a foothold in their ground, it makes sense for Shiroe to act.

So yeah, good first episode, can’t wait to see more!

While I hate the pacing of the anime compared with the manga, I still think that the pilot episode of Trinity Seven was bearable. Despite the fact that this is still one of the cliche harem anime, what I respect with this series is that it never forces itself to be that way. And we have to thank Arata for that.

One thing that makes Arata stand out with most harem leads is that he’s never too conscious of typical harem situations. It’s not that he has no shame when things veer on that direction but that’s just how he is: Gullible to a fault and, if anything, quite the honest guy.

Not to mention, he notices the simple things that makes sense

And from reading the manga, that’s the appeal that drawn me to following the series. The girls getting naked are just bonus, seriously. I just wish they convey Arata’s character and how he carries the series properly in this adaptation.

I have to say, Sword Art Online outdid itself with the closure of the Death Gun arc. The pacing was good and the characters had substance. The fear of death and the weight of it was there but it was conveyed properly unlike with how things were in season one. I do hope they start the next arc with such consistency.

Well, that wraps it up for this week. Still have many anime left to try for this season such as Amagi Brilliant Park, which most people say to be KyoAni’s salvation, Chaika II, Gundam Build Fighters, Vanadis, etc. But from how things look, I have a feeling that my list for Fall may not be as abundant as last season.

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