A Bag of Tricks and Gimmicks

This is what happens when you let Hikasa Youko go full retard

First they lure us with mind games then they serve non-stop comedy. Seriously, just how awesome can this show get?!


Talk about Nonsense

Takehito Koyasu FTW!!

Reasons for watching this:

1) Endoh’s gang is awsm as fuck! (Can’t get enough of that OP song)
2) EP 2′s pengin-robo is cute
3) I found myself laughing at the penguins and their tail dick antics rather than boobs. I mean, boobs are too mainstream! Every harem comedy series has it and I find it quite boring to be laughing at boobs all the time (anime/manga that is not hentai that abuses boobs – yeah, boobs OP but tail dicks are trying to offer something more retarded here).

Banana Phobia?!

The Week That Was #2

Waste not, Want not

As another week ends, garbage collection begins.


Utopia || Dystopia

Matsuoka x Kayano FTW


This is how it ends…

The weekend just started and instead of easing myself to relax, I’m already perplexed.


The Week That Was #1.5

I- wut


The Week That Was #1

This is probably a new format that I’m sticking with to sum up my anime and manga backlog. To start things off…



This hand of mine is BURNING RED… FUCK MY LIFE!!


Sunday’s Best



When one RG Build Knuckle isn’t enough…


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