The Endless Dream

And they lived happily ever after…


The Short End of the Stick

I just can’t help but compare myself with what was learned in this episode. Then again, the question is, do I consider myself human or livestock?

Seems that Hachiken has some mommy issues and hints of inferiority complex. Wonder what happened to him and how he ended there in the first place?

Goddess Facepalm

Doesn’t this leave Noire without any hobby to attend to? Neptune and Vert are gamers and Blanc makes doujinshi… Unless Noir IS into cosplay…

Noire is DEFINITELY into cosplay

And as cliche as it may be, props to the villain for cooking something up that works. Well, her plan may blow to bits next episode but at least she tried.

Beat em up

As expected from Hibiki’s master

Loved the battle scene between Maria and Tsubasa but let’s face it, Tits-chan hijacked the last few minutes of the show.


So that’s her secret wid dem bewbs


I was expecting Hibiki’s back story though. Guess it won’t be any time soon. The “stealing-pendant-to-feed-nephilim” agenda just reminds me of Nanoha A’s.

The Battleground of Politics



Safe in her Web


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