I Scream

Now if Oreki, from Hyouka, were much of an outspoken douchebag, then we get Kanie from Amaburi.

I was skeptical of another series from KyoAni but it looks like Amaburi just landed safely right in my alley. I mean…



It’s a given that KyoAni delivers gorgeous character designs but this is probably the first time I have seen them do this kind of fanservice. I mean, all the chicks in this series are smokin hot and freakin adorable!

But while Tits and Ass is one point of interest, I have to say, the MC is totally carrying this show.

It’s typical for most MCs to get dragged on the shittiest scenarios, but it is quite rare for some of them to actually fight back and argue. And even though Isuzu may hold him at gunpoint, I have to give props to Kanie for the consideration he has shown (within the span of two episodes) as well as his resilience and attitude towards the absurd situation he has found himself.

Of course, it is still interesting to learn why he was actually chosen, as hinted by the flashback that was shown. But regardless, for the current dilemma he has to face, I have to applaud his way of thinking in assessing the situation based on first-hand experience. Like I said, he’s just like Oreki… Only a much bigger ass.

Another thing that I’m starting to like with this series is how much it tries to let the other characters show their personalities.

Everyone may be laid back and be a lazy dick but Kanie hit it spot on when he said that if they got riled up by his insults, it means they still pride themselves and their work. And that line itself reminds me of something similar Tatsumi Takeshi said to his team in the anime, Giant Killing. Which goes like “People who argue with one another shows how passionate they are in the things they like.”

And I’m actually interested in how Kanie would tie everything together. His management of the park, the motivation of the crew, the quota they have to reach. More than anything, I love it when the character finds themselves in a pinch and discovers their true selves as they try to overcome it.

I watched this series with little expectation and came out grabbing another one for this season. But from what I have seen so far, Amaburi has the potential to be one of the best series this Fall 2014.


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