Fully Alive



Keeping Expectations Low


This is how I feel about this series

Character designs are still good but the overall atmosphere of Nisekoi, as presented within 3 episodes, felt bland. I really understand that Raku has this habit of internal monologues and whatshit but Kouki Uchiyama’s acting felt really forced that it deprives the enjoyment that Raku’s character is supposed to have.

His acting feels like shit… literally

Death To Smokers

Well, I don’t really have a thing against smokers but this episode presented the damages caused by smoking (especially second-hand smoke) in a VERY imaginative way. This series may be full of nonsense and bullshit but it’s the entertaining kind of nonsense and bullshit.

Game Design 101

Therefore, any game that falls under the criteria of ‘fun’ should be considered… something else


Honor the Duelist


Nisekoi Shafted


Old Idiot, New Package


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