Sucker Punch: A vivid imagery that dwells in the soul

Cover Poster from Wikimedia

It’s been quite some time since we Joes decided to watch a good movie worth watching and we were right on the spot to spend money on this one.




Because stupid ideas run wild

After being inspired by a thought-provoking post I decided to take this opportunity to look back at my roots as a blogger.

Vid Shout Out: That walking emoticon feeds on our despair

Damn Hitler! My sides hurt from laughing!! XD

The Last Genderbender


Legion Tower Defense: A Legion Movie Review

At first, God sent a flood to wipe out humanity. In this movie, God sent his angels to possess mankind, turning them to zombies, so that he could kill people who would represent Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus… yeah, pretty much the movie right there.


Kara No Kyoukai 7: The truth lies within the past, the present, and the future


Kara no Kyoukai 4: (Miss)interpretations?


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