New Horizons

Why does this scene feels like an accurate delivery from the visual novels?

And after watching this episode did I only notice that this ran for 40+ minutes… Damn…



I Scream

Now if Oreki, from Hyouka, were much of an outspoken douchebag, then we get Kanie from Amaburi.


Week That Was #17

Fall Anime 2014 is just starting yet the culling has already begun…


To a future lost

Zankyou no Terror started off good then gradually turned meh but was it a bad series?


To the skies!

Who said that volleyball is a women ONLY sport?


At the mercy of the wind

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun may have held its ground but Hanayamata is STILL the moe-blob anime of the past season…

Despite the fact that it did suck ass in its climax.


Long way to go, Chiyo

This scene looks HOT… If only Nozaki said the right words.


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