Society’s Bedlam

Who would’ve thought Akane would become a GAR?

I’ve read about people coming to hate this series but I just can’t understand why? Did they hate it just because it wasn’t gruesome enough due to Urobuchi’s lack of influence? For me, this series served as a good sequel to the original as well as a fitting prequel for the movie.

I also think they did a fine job wrapping everything up in 11 episodes rather than have it drag on as a 2 cour show. After all, they have established Psycho-Pass’ setting in the first season. What they needed to explore now is how the setting they have set up thrived which is what they did in the second season.

They highlighted the flaws of such a utopic system because if you have already established that a system is perfect in season one, it would be fucking pointless to establish it again in season two. And as far as character development goes, I guess describing how the system works did it for them.

The character development affects the system;The system affects character development

And this is best exemplified by Akane and Mika’s personalities. Both of them being total opposites of each other, with Akane form the perspective of individuals changing the system and Mika with the system maintaining the individual. And while I hate Mika for being the whiny bitch that she is, her characterization proves right. That she represents people who doesn’t want to change. Who would rather be slaves to a system and have it do everything for them.

There is nothing wrong with that though. Being a reflection of reality, we too believe in some things that others disagree with yet continue believing either way.

Overall, this was a good run. I wonder how things would go with the movie.


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