The Moth and the Flame



DFC at the Forefront

I take back what I said. Gin’s cunning makes her a contender

I guess this episode did change my opinion with the childhood friend. Well, she’s still no different from the childhood friend stereotype but I like how she takes advantage of her perks.

Now that’s a thought O_O

Gin and Ana may have hogged most of the spotlight but that didn’t stop this show from delivering the laughs, fanservice, and nosebleed. Come to think of it, the lack of Ibuki Kido just shows how diverse this show is. Aside from the newbie seiyuu to look forward to, this is still being carried by veterans. I could hardly remember Minorin landing on such an aggressive yet comedic role like Anasatasia.

Dazzled the Stage

He may have lost the battle but Kai won the war… sly bastard!!

Whatever it was that Kai saw, could it be something similar with Okarin’s Reading Steiner?

As the Beast Stirs


The Purest Delusions


Luck of the Underdog

Because not giving up creates a chance to win…

A lack of common sense


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