Chitanda’s Boredom

I guess i’m just tired from work that I actually bought how Chitanda acted in this episode. But seriously, of all the ways to kill time, why even bother knowing why the teacher fucked up?

For Him;For Her

The worst fate that awaits friendzone



Is Netorare the new trend nowadays?!

Anguish of the Betrayed

Well that was a nice turn of events. Who would’ve expected Sekitani Jun’s message to be conveyed through such a method?

5 episodes and it seems like a major arc for this series have been wrapped up. While Hyouka is enjoyable for what it has to offer so far, I wonder how the next arcs could beat what this episode contributed when it comes to entertainment.

To Another Battle

A man in a suit of armor, take that away and what are you?


The Bleeding God

As I was expecting, the pressure that Keima bottled up begins to crack




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