The Odd Ball Out

Motherfucking WHOAH!! I never saw that coming! I couldn’t remember that scene where Reiko wished for herself to be addressed formally when she’s at school. I guess it helps especially that Reiko and Mikami-sensei have different seiyuu but I never expected that the extra was not a student but a faculty teacher.

I guess this also ties up with Akazawa’s memories of Kouichi meeting her a few years back and the reason why he can’t remember is because he’s involved with the dead person.

So they have finally stopped the calamity for their class and has left clues about it for the next unfortunate batch. I guess there’s no stopping the cycle but at least, there’s a glimpse of hope. As for Misaki and Kouichi, I’m quite disappointed that there wasn’t any romantic progress after that incident. Except probably for the fact that Misaki allows Kouichi to call her every now and then but well, I was expecting something cheesy.


I would like to acknowledge the capability of Yonezawa Madoka in this anime. The only time I heard her voice acting was during her role as Ui in K-on and in Umineko as Leviathan. I would want to hear more from her in the future. Overall, Another is an interesting piece of anime. It’s thrill factor may decline in some episodes but it really challenges viewers to keep looking for hints especially after they revealed about the dead person.

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