Just for show

YEAH! Zeheart x Romary FTW!!

I really like Asemu’s style of fighting but god damn, his inferiority complex is fucking annoying. Even Woolf gave him a good piece of advice a few episodes ago where the only one that he needs to surpass is himself yet all of it was thrown out the window the moment he gets too emotional.

For the record, I really like Zeheart’s character more than Asemu even if he is the antagonist of the story. For starters, his leadership skills are admirable. Even though members of the Magicians 8 insulted him for his failure last episode, he still went out of his way to save one of them, risking the safety of his mobile suit.

Second, he’s a good friend to Asemu simply because he kept holding back when fighting against him. Now that Asemu is in a quest for power, Zeheart only wishes for him to stay out of the front lines and he keeps doing so at every opportunity.

Third, Zeheart is a damn good soldier, not because he has X-Rounder powers, but the fact that he devotes himself to the cause of his race empowers him more. Unlike Asemu who chases after the spotlight, Zeheart faces the reality and confirms to himself what he’s fighting for. It is neither for prestige or glory, it is all for the sake of an ideal.

Going back to Asemu AGE-II, I have to say that the Double Bullet was fucking badass.

It’s not just the fact that this baby can handle multiple enemies, it’s the fact that it can cover any range of combat. Well, those big guns indicate that it can fire long range beams but for the cannons to actually dismount and reveal large beam sabers, count me amazed.

Next episode, it looks like Asemu will be relying more on technology to cover the fact that he sucks balls. Usually, I have nothing against individuals that rely on their weapons but Asemu is relying on them too much and this arrogance clouds himself from finding a proper reason to fight.


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