Extremely Euphoric!!

Seikon no Qwaser II may still be a load of bull but I have to commend their choice of OP and ED music. Last time, it was Baptize from Yousei Teikoku this time, it’s Metaphor by Shoujo Byou

Now my apologies if this post didn’t make any sense (as usual). I’m still euphoric or rather, as high as fuck after listening this for 2 days now and i’m quite depressed to not see any translations for this song =<

Now one thing that interested me with this single, aside from the trance inducing Metaphor would be the second track, entitled “Hai iro no Transient” (or was it Haiiro?). Now it seems that Shoujo Byou has this habit of adding story to their songs (this is the first time I heard of them but I did check out some of their earlier releases) and Hai Iro no Transient is just like that.

Now forgive my lack comprehension but I think the story of Hai Iro is strongly similar with a dark mahou shoujo theme (Madoka Magica?!) where the younger of two siblings turned into a magical girl to kill… her sister? I have no idea what the conversation is about but if anyone is willing to shower my ignorance with truth, I warmly appreciate it XD

Apologies if no youtube vid for Hai Iro no Transient since I can only look it up on english channels. If anyone can share the youtube link, i’d gladly appreciate it XD


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