Fall Apocalypse 2011

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So why do I consider Fall to be an apocalypse? Because it’s fucking filled with anime goodness that making time won’t barely make the cut.

No seriously, this season is filled with shows I want to watch but I don’t know how to make time for it. That being said, let’s run down potentially good shows that I would like to watch and why I would be wasting my time on them.

(Shows not listed aren’t worth mentioning)

Busou Shinki: Moon Angel

Played the psp game of this but never got far since… it’s Japanese. Saw the 5 minute OVA and reminded me of Angelic Layer x Gundam and while it never revealed anything special, I am interested. If anything, I’m seeing this anime having “importance” elements of Yugioh (where cards are more important than people’s lives) with “importance” elements of Pokemon/Digimon (where friendship would probably unlock a Limit Break)

Hunter x Hunter

If this turns out to follow the footsteps of FMA:Brotherhood then good. Otherwise, I’m having trouble deciding to actually follow this anime… Kurapica is awsm shit though especially with Miyuki Sawashiro… no more yesu desu here XD

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

This… loooks fucking retarded. I’m wondering what the fuck is happening with the Gundam franchise. Teen angst was fine. If anything, I think it works well for this series… But this? I have my doubts but let’s check it out.

Guilty Crown

I’ll watch this because of the artwork and Ai Kayano ❤


Mysteries hmm… I’m not having good vibes with this anime but i’ll check episode 1 just in-case.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

I’m looking at this anime for its powerhouse cast… If this turns out to be Denyuuden then i’ll stick this through

Persona 4

Haven’t played the game but I heard it was good… While Kuuki may cringe at the fact that Daisuke Namikawa voices the lead, I think the voice cast, backed up with epic animation, is promising.


If you don’t even know Fate/Stay Night then there’s something wrong with you. If you DO know Fate/Stay Night yet won’t watch this anime, you need to see a doctor.


I loved season 1 since it justified lolicons. From a powerful voice cast to quality animation to good clean fun, I’ll watch this anime to relax myself.

Phi Brain

It has the vibes of SKET Dance… While SKET Dance is good, I just don’t have time to follow through long running series.

Bakuman 2

Watched season 1 and thought it was good so why not?


Already watched the 12 or so minute episdoe 0 and had myself laughing. I’m currently reading the manga and translated summaries of light novels so I can attest as to how good this is when it comedy and character designs… I urge people to watch it!!

Mirai Nikki

Loved the manga except for the ending. Will check how faithful this is with the original content but please… I hope it does not follow the manga’s conclusion.

Shana III

It’s the last Shana! I have to watch this no matter what!


The premise sounds bullshit but I read a review of the light novel from RandomC and I think it was good. Have to see for myself how good this really is.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 23:21:29

    lol. I wonder how you will be able to find time for most of them XD. I’ll probably watch the first episodes of all the anime you listed, except Shana. Never watched the previous seasons, and I’m not sure I want to get sucked into marathoning two seasons worth of JC Staff “goodness” :p.


  2. @fkeroge
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 23:56:28

    Dude, watch P4. It is the only thing that I can guarantee that will be good if we go by the source material.


  3. Keiri
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 00:58:24

    Fate/Zero and P4 are guaranteed weekly watches for me if my schedule allows me to keep up. Have read the light novels for F/Z and gone through 5 rounds of gameplay with P4, and I can attest that both have stories which are definitely worth following. The only thing I’m concerned about is, as usual, whether the Anime writers will be tactful enough in making the story execution work. Guilty Crown, Shana III and Haganai are musts for me too but they’ll most likely go on the marathon wagon when I really do have time. ^^;;;


  4. Kuuki
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 01:17:49

    But I love Namikawa Daisuke! He’s fucking good too!
    It’s Kishio Daisuke that’s pissing me off (and there are too many Daisukes I agree ^^)

    Other than that, I don’t remember all of the shows I wanted to watch but I think I’m way over 20.
    Especially since that 12 min OVA made me want to watch Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai.

    As for Bakuman, I read the manga and normally the second season should be ever better!


  5. x
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 01:38:30

    I’ll probably watch Fate/Zero only for loli Rin :p. Other than that, I’m not that interested in the story. Unless it is really that good and suck me in somehow, I’m usually not that interested in prequels. Additionally, after watching Carnival Phantasm, I don’t think I can see any of those characters without thinking of them as silly comedic characters anymore XD.

    P4 seems interesting, and as long as it doesn’t end up like that penguin show or that bloody show last season, I’ll watch it :p


  6. baka~
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 12:52:30

    Like with how most adaptations screw up (Kaminomi), an anime adaptation’s success depends on how faithful they were on the media that the fans came to like first but let’s see. I’m not well versed on P4 as the game as well as Fate/Zero in the light novels so this will be a fresh perspective to look on.


    Aw crud! I thought it was Namikawa that you hated X_X


    From what I heard, Urobuchi had a “helping” hand with Fate/Zero so I guess it’s either Carnival Phantasm changes your opinion of Fate/Zero or a reversal happens =|


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