To the skies!

Who said that volleyball is a women ONLY sport?

Haikyuu! is one of those rare sports shows that I enjoy watching. And while Haikyuu! is no different from most sports anime that took a shounen approach, there is one unique characteristic that shines in this series: the ability to treat its characters really well.

It’s almost as if this series have no side-characters. Even the lowly Yamaguchi is doing something great on his own that is comparable to a main character’s plight and progress. And you’ve got to admire this series for its consistency in that regard.

Another thing that I enjoyed with this series is its faithfulness with the original source then taking that adaptation a notch higher. Unlike most manga adaptations that I have an issue with, Haikyuu! is an adaptation done right better! If the manga was good, seeing the characters voiced and memorable scenes animated was definitely way better.

Every scene where they would contest for the ball thrilled me and every victory and defeat moved me. And for a series to have that much power in convincing the audience of how authentic the emotions the characters are feeling, I just can’t help but be at awe at the staff behind this.

Lastly, Murase Ayumu and Ishikawa Kaito had their roles in the bag! I commend them for carrying their roles well especially their interactions as Hinata and Tobio.

I have to admit that while I was skeptical of Ayumu’s performance as Hinata at first, I came to like his delivery of it. Not just in the happy moments of victory but even in tasting defeat, when Hinata vents out his frustrations and weakness, that’s when Ayumu shone best.

Ishikawa Kaito is fitting into the arrogant character role nicely. I like his performance here and in Zankyou no Terror and would expect more great things to come from him. Actually, to both of them. They are such aspiring newbies and I do hope I get to hear from them next season.


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