To a future lost

Zankyou no Terror started off good then gradually turned meh but was it a bad series?

In the end, Zankyou no Terror was no more than a cry in the wilderness, a tale of children robbed of their childhood who wanted the world to notice their misfortune. There’s nothing wrong with that but how they executed that felt strong at first then gradually went weaker.

And I guess I could blame it all to Lisa. She’s adorable as fuck but that’s what she is; just adorable. Her involvement really lacked impact and in the end, the series shifted to the story of the children from the institute and Shibasaki. And by god, those were interesting.

Shibasaki’s involvement may be cliche but I still liked how they tied Nine and Twelve to that aging man. Both of them represent a cry that is forever lost in the howling winds and the biggest irony there is that the aging man moves on, remembering those kids who have lost their futures.

It is inhumane. A bittersweet realization that children ended up like that but as with the parting message of this series, those children still believed in a hope (VON). That they may live in a cold, uncaring world but they still believed in a future, in the justice that they were meant to have.

I believe Zankyou no Terror is for a niche audience. Some may love it while others may find it lacking. And while I understand the faults of this series, in the end, the merits, the characters and the message this series tried to convey was really good.

Now on the seiyuu:

Ishikawa Kaito is really good acting as Nine and Soma Saito did a good job as Twelve. Aside from his amazing performance in voicing out a lost child in episode one, I love how Saito managed to bring out Twelve’s character. He was the most fragile among the two and Saito managed to deliver that side of him really well.

Atsumi Tanezaki sounds fine but I do hope she lands on other roles with more character. Lisa just looks like a girl i’d tap but that’s just it.

And Han Megumi is surprsingly good in voicing psycho bitches but don’t ask her to speak in engrish… For the love of god, please don’t.


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