At the mercy of the wind

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun may have held its ground but Hanayamata is STILL the moe-blob anime of the past season…

Despite the fact that it did suck ass in its climax.

Hana’s conflict and resolution felt like the cliches of cliches. I understood what that arc was trying to convey but having Hana come back, dance with them, then decide not to leave… Well, that was lolwut worthy.

I don’t really understand how they would pick the umbrellas, drop them, then pick them up again without fucking up the performance

Call me sexist here, but I guess that’s a reflection of how some girls are in society; Indecisive. And I guess, this is what the series tried to convey and did as its best; These girls ARE indecisive. They are still growing up, trying to find their true selves: Be it from their friends, their families and loved ones, these experiences that they gain change their indecision, slowly.

As in this series’ trademark song: “A girl’s path is at the mercy of the wind”. And each of our heroines explored a side of them where they have to find their own path to tread on, no matter how hard the wind blows against them and likewise, how it blew with them. From Tami to Yaya, to Machi to Hana, and Naru. These girls faced themselves, their challenges, and overcame them and became a step closer to their ideal self. And that makes me love this series. More that the visual quality it offered, it has a depth to it; A lesson to be learned.

The entire series, in a sentence

On with the seiyus:

Aside from Minami Numakura and Yuka Ootsubo, I don’t know much of the lead heroines. But let’s start of with Yuka.

There’s something overly dramatic with her voice as Tami. It’s… too much buttery? It’s as if she’s trying hard to sound like a refined woman that kinda throws me off. But I guess when it comes to the number one culprit in being annoying, there’s no one that annoys me the most than Naru.

Reina Ueda may have potential but it felt like overacting when she did Naru’s voice. It’s like she’s trying to be hyperactive no matter what the scenario is. I dunno, maybe the pitch is too high or something. Fucking annoying.

Minami Tanaka and Kaya Okuno are good. I like how they both played the characters of Yaya and Hana, respectively. To be honest, I enjoyed their characters more than Tami and Naru; mostly because of how they were voiced.

Overall, despite the flaws, this series is one of the best that the previous season offered. The character designs are fresh and adorable and the story is quite good. I would recommend this the first time but if there’s a second season, I’ll be quite skeptical and probably reluctant watching it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Sep 28, 2014 @ 02:57:13

    Heh. Yeah. Despite the flaws, this is one of the best. As for a second season, well… I can see this getting repetitive, boring and very annoying with the melodrama :p.


  2. baka~
    Sep 28, 2014 @ 03:30:24

    I sure hope they would refrain from making second seasons. I don’t know how the series would sell and if they will get the funding but this one ended on a good note so I hope they leave it at that =/


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