The Urobuchi Turnaround

I mentioned in my previous post that Aldnoah.Zero is turning out to be a disappointing show. Well, that still holds true until the Urobuchi Turnaround.

What is Urobuchi Turnaround you ask?

It’s like playing a multiplayer game of Magic where each player has their board filled with creatures then somebody drops a fucking Wrath of God.


I was expecting Urobuchi to pull some crazy shit up. What I didn’t expect was how crazy the shit that he pulled. And by God that was one sweet motherfucking turnaround.

Guess Inaho got Slaine’d

The best MC died, the princess died, and the one who did it was none other than Slaine.


Who would’ve thought that the guy who was supposed to protect the princess caused her death? Fuck Irony, right?

And this is why I love Gen Urobuchi’s machinations. There’s always this feeling of loss amidst a great victory.

So what, Earth won against Martians. At what cost? Best MC ever is now dead. Slaine is fucking the princess’ corpse. And the wrath of the remaining Martians will fall momentarily upon Earth. Good job Slaine!

But seriously, as much as I hate what happened, I enjoyed the swirl of emotions that Slaine experienced that caused him to fuck up soooo~ much. He felt indebted to Saazbaum that he saved him that caused him to kill the princess then he seems to got jealous of the time Inaho shared with the princess and decided to kill him when Inaho pointed his gun at him (Slaine shot first). Now that’s one mess of emotions right there and the way it was conveyed was very much bittersweet.

And I can’t help but feel sorry for Slaine. He betrayed the Martians, he betrayed his fellow Terrans, and he caused the death of the princess. Now he is truly a lost child. Ironically, the episode may have been titled “Childhood’s End” but with the shit that he is in, I’m seriously wondering how he can manage.

case to point,



Slaine may have a Tharsis and have hid the princess’ corpse but where will he go now? What will he do? And assuming that Saazbaum is still alive, will Slaine go to him and become his apprentice a-la Dark Lord of the Sith? Or, will Slaine go to the emperor? To the other Orbital Knights?

I doubt this fucker will die of blood loss

But whatever, let’s see how shit unfolds in the second season.

As it turns out, this series ain’t so bad after all. Inaho’s battles were always a treat to watch especially with how he’s able to outwith the Martians despite their advantage but now that he’s dead, I wonder how Earth will fight against these monsters.

Now to the cast.

Kensho Ono felt meh. Even his acting as Sakaki Yuya in Yugioh Arc-V felt lackluster. He’s just overall lacking imo, even if he cried his eyes out as he shot Saazbaum.

** Ironically, Hanae Natsuki’s and Kenshi Ono’s characters duelled in Arc-V with Yuya winning against Hokuto

Amamiya Sora and Hanae Natsuki are truly the stars of this show.

While I love Amamiya Sora’s performance as the brash Kirishima Touka in Tokyo Ghoul, I think she carried the role as a damsel in distress perfectly well. Well, she already proved herself as Fujimiya Kaori in Isshukan Friends so I guess the role-stereotype suits her well.

Hanae Natsuki as the calm and composed Inaho is a good role to land on. I love how he was able to portray Inaho as an intimidating character at times without exerting much emotion. It’s not just as if the character’s actions speak for himself but when Inaho delivers his lines, there’s this substance to it.

And that wraps it up for Aldnoah. I’ll catch up with Hanayamata, Haikyuu! and Gekkan Shojo before this season officially ends and the next one begins.


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  1. Digdri
    Sep 23, 2014 @ 05:22:55

    Actually as much as this fits the general anti hype against Urobutcher in the last years thats misplaced blame. Its basically the same deals as Gargantia: He had almost nothing to do with this mess. If I got that right he only contributed the idea for the series and the first 3 ep in script. ANN credits another scriptwriter for the rest of the show who seemingly is more of a low calorie (rom)com guy otherwise -_- (Gargantia was just first/last ep + idea as it seems; never watched it)

    Ep1-3 weren’t THAT amazing either but at least people DID stuff and they didn’t pile nonsense twist upon nonsense twist and there was room for an interesting plot about politics/ideaology or whatever.
    Especially Inahos death makes no sense to me at all as he hasn’t contributed to the plot in any meaningful way and never hat any personality / char arc to begin with.

    But if you still really care about 2nd season there are already quite believable fan theories on the net that this ending was just another amazingly stupid chicken out shock twist with no real consequences and most chars involved are dead after all.
    (Remember the last 2 “deaths” of the princess that had absolutely no consequences ^^)

    I don’t get why ButchGen nowadays always gets attached to this projects as it will cleary ruin his reputation if he always plays the big name guy for some studios PR plan.
    But I don’t care about the series anymore anyway after all this train wreck / incompetence. He seemingly doesn’t contribute to Psycho-Pass S2 either so there you have another potential mess to write about next season 😉


    • Digdri
      Sep 23, 2014 @ 05:29:57

      obviously this should have been “aren’t dead after all”
      (sorry couldn’t find a edit button in this system)


  2. baka~
    Sep 23, 2014 @ 12:36:24


    Now I’m quite naive when it comes to behind-the-scenes in anime production so thanks for dropping by and sharing your input.

    Now if it’s true that Urobuchi had little involvement with Gargantia then I guess it justifies why there were no significant deaths aside from the AI. I guess they won’t be having a reason for a second season if they killed off their MCs

    As for Inaho, I wouldn’t say he didn’t contribute to the series. More than the combat situations, Inaho was the one who accepted Seylum and Rayet’s characters regardless of who they were and the things they did.

    I guess Inaho’s character is reminiscent of a scene in Gurren Lagann where Nia said to Simon something that goes like A lot of people have come to my aid but you are the first. And this indeed holds true. Not only does Inaho flesh out Seylum’s naivety and supports her bravery but he was able to embrace Rayet’s personality no matter what she did. All in all, he’s the accepting guy who faces the situation as is. And I guess that’s the reason why he’s able to adapt to situations and face the martians and their overwhelming kataphrakts, but I digress.

    Regarding Psycho-Pass, could you share how much influence Urobuchi did on the first season? I’m actually skeptical how the second season would fare without his “guiding hand”


    • Digdri
      Sep 23, 2014 @ 13:32:19

      Guess you are right about Inahos involvement and I just can’t stand the MC because of high expectations from other ButchGen series. He seemed so unbelievable perfect in all his battle plans for a kinda sorta ordinary teenager and without many insights into his emotions he always seemed to boring / disconnected / inplausible for this plot situations.
      Madoka & F/Z also had stoic looking badasses but there was always more development of context why they are this way and also more of an human element to there conflicted behavior and ties to some overarching theme. Inaho was just bland in comparison and except for that few sentences in the last ep about war there was very little context for any of this. This war veteran guy (minus his PTSD) would have been far more believably fit this archetype but guess you can’t have a mecha anime without all the teen duking it out in the front row. 😉

      As for Psycho-Pass S1: ButchGen is listed for Script of all but one ep, Series Composition and Story Concept on ANN … so yeah that was his baby like Madoka & F/Z…. and yes that leaves most of his fan really worried how they will fare without him after two show with minimal involvement kinda sorta not “getting” his style at all.

      By now people even post some of his newest tweets basically saying “Wasn’t my mess in A/Z and also not responsible for whatever happens in P-P S2”. That’s unusually frank for a Japanese creative person. Guess by now he’s just a freelancer who just doesn’t give a f*** what the bosses of anime studios think about him. O_o Weird guy in every aspect I guess.


  3. baka~
    Sep 23, 2014 @ 22:49:35

    That’s kinda weird if he tweets stuff like that =/

    It feels as if he’s losing his mojo. That or because he feels his name is just being used and his actual talents are hardly put into practice.

    But whatever, as for Psycho Pass 2, I just hope they don’t fuck it up. As for A/Z, well, it’s already fucked up as it is so I wonder how they plan on fucking it more… orz


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