Long way to go, Chiyo

This scene looks HOT… If only Nozaki said the right words.

Definitely one of the best comedy series this season. Well, other people may argue Barakamon but seeing that I didn’t watch that series, Nozaki-kun is a winner for me. And I’m honestly hoping for a continuation, if anything, just to see how Chiyo’s affections for Nozaki would reach him.

As far as episodes go however, I’d still prefer episode 11. Just because of Chiyo’s adorable moments…

Just look at that million-dollar smile

Well, the final episode did have its merits. It managed to set up our pairs (except probably for Mikorin) and revealed to us just what the fuck Chiyo sees in Nozaki…

Nozaki may indeed be one of those gullible men, immune to affection, with his virginity protection level on the scale of manga(ka) but after seeing how Chiyo was swayed by his kindness, I give up.

As the episode title says, “If This Feeling Isn’t Love, Then There Is No Love At All”. Nozaki may be one fucked up dude but we all are rooting for Chiyo to reach him.

On to the cast:

Most of the guys involved in this series are pros so let’s skip them and head on to Ari Ozawa.

Now she is quite the newbie, landing on mostly minor roles with the exception of her character, Chiyo, being her first main casting. And boy did she give her justice!

Chiyo is simply adorableand the way Ari Ozawa voices her moe moments and her lolwut expressions are really good. I would often compare her standing on par with the five cast members of Hanayamata. That show may be purely moeblob but Chiyo manages to establish her own reputation (in my book), and that’s a good sign. I do hope she gets more exposure and probably, like Amamiya Sora, get involved in roles that goes beyond the stereotype.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Sep 24, 2014 @ 00:13:08

    Yeah, Chiyo FTW XD.

    I agree about the comedy. This easily is the best executed comedy of the season for me. I watched Barakamon. It’s good, but more for the sentimental parts as well as the odd quirks than the comedy. Also, I’d consider Nozaki-kun to be better than Barakamon as an adaptation from manga :p.

    Agree with your comments about Ari Ozawa. Hope she get more exposure.


  2. baka~
    Sep 24, 2014 @ 00:29:24

    I’m not really sure what Barakamon is. People say it’s funny yet sometimes, it tugs your heartstrings. I guess it’s that kind of anime =/


    • x
      Sep 24, 2014 @ 01:14:38

      Yeah, Barakamon is that kind of anime. Personally, though I enjoyed the anime, I much prefer the manga. Barakamon is more of a slice of life drama with comedy (along with philosophical pondering and social commentary), while Nozaki-kun is all parody (of manga related stuff) and silly comedy. The anime adaptation of Barakamon played up the comedy more, while the other parts of the story from the manga kind of get watered down :p. Both animes are executed well, but I’d like to think that Nozaki-kun is more fun ^^;.


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