Book of Circus

And there goes one manga adaptation done right!

While Kuroshitsuji may pale in comparison with seasonal anime that tend to wow the audience nowadays, the fact that the manga has established its name and iconic catchphrase emphasizes the charm that this series holds within a certain demographic.

That, and because I have forgotten what exactly happened in Noah’s Ark Circus arc that I now appreciate the beauty of this adaptation.

And I think people attempting to make manga adaptations should follow this gimmick. Let the manga run ahead with its story then pick an arc and make an anime out of it. If the audience have never read the manga and they liked what the arc offered, then good. If the audience have read the manga but is preoccupied with the current manga arc then a well-executed animation will let us relive that arcs we have read before.

Then again, Kaminomi DID something similar but failed with the narrative of progression, animation quality and character designs and thus, I hated that adaptation. Medaka Box on the other hand, while it was faithful, for some reason, it lacked impact. I loved that series but the adaptation just felt boring. It turned into a pure Monogatari-esque format (it was done by Nisio Isin after all) but it probably deserved a style similar with Katanagatari if they planned on executing it properly.

Going back to this arc, it’s really interesting how this arc presented itself to be a reflection of Ciel’s emotions regarding his captivity, the cause of his meeting with his now “One hell of a butler”. And while I disliked his decisions of killing Joker and his gang, it just shows how much of a frail human being Ciel is.

And that’s something that I love with his character. He’s practical when he is in control of things but push comes to shove and he’d have no reservations having his emotions run rampant. A reflection of how ugly human beings can be.


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