The Problem with Aldnoah

After 10 episodes of entertainment from Aldnoah, I came to a realization that this series sucks…

Unless there’s a second season, Aldnoah.Zero might end up to be a sucky series after all. I mean, if we compare this to one of Urobuchi’s earlier works that goes by the name of Suisei no Gargantia, Aldnoah.Zero might end up to fall a few notches down.

And why is that? Despite the similarities of mechas, wars, and aliens learning cultures, what makes this series feel so lackluster than its predecessor?

1) The Coverage of Wars

War in anime cannot be contained in a 1-cour show for it has so many sides to it. So many aspects and concepts that needs to be retold over and over. And while Gargantia did have wars in its story, it never focused on such a setting. Instead, it focused on the alien integrating itself with society and the origins of he war. It was never about vouching for the winning or losing side, Gargantia handled it on a social and cultural perspective.

JESUS CHRIST! Can’t we spare an episode detailing this tyrannical rule in animation rather than skimping on the details with just a monologue?!

Honestly, I couldn’t even remember a series that covered mechas and wars and ran for one season (post in comments below if you can think of one).

2) The series from multiple perspectives

I would understand it if this was a one-hour show where it justifies the angles of the characters and their relationships with one another but nope. They have to cram a lot of shit in less than 30 minutes. We have Slaine’s familiarity with the Martians, Seylum’s relationship with Inaho, Marito’s guilt and Humeray’s sister, Rayet’s emo segments, and let’s not forget the other minor interactions such as the friendzoned girl (Inko), the crew of Deucalion, the goal of Martians and their hatred for Earthlings, and the Earth defensive against the Mars threat.

Seriously, these things they can tackle in a 24-episode series but in just 12 episodes? I highly doubt it.

3) Characters trying to make sense

Actually related to (2) since a character’s personality affects how he/she interacts with others on certain scenes. My problem with this in Aldnoah is that since they cover a lot of stuff for this series, the personalities of our characters suffered GREATLY.

You know nothing Jo- Asseylum

I get that Seylum is just a naive and pampered princess who wanted to see the blue skies of Earth and make peace but the way her character is told from the story is rather weak. Same with Rayet who is in anguish after being betrayed, Slaine with his loyalty to the princess and enduring hardship with the Martians, and the cold and calculating Inaho and how he seems to be affected emotionally by all of this.

The story told from each of their perspectives based on their characters was rather weak for this series. It’s as if it’s a deviation from Urobuchi’s style where the story unfolds as it focuses on a single character.

I can’t understand how the towel stayed in-place even after being forced to the ground like that…

Don’t get me wrong though, Aldnoah IS an entertaining series but after taking a dip from Urobuchi’s works, when it comes to character and narrative, this is turning out to be a letdown. But hey, we still have 2 episodes left. Let’s see what this series has in store for us til the end.


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