Week That Was #14

Nobody fucks with Imouto coz if you do, Onii-san will come for you…

While Mahouka is quite lackluster when it comes to plot progression and character development, this series maintains its grip on my interest through quality voice acting, animations, and magic mumbo jumbo. Because if there’s one thing that’s meant to spice things up, it’s proving how magic exists through applied science…

Speaking of applied science, Aldnoah reminds me of that movie, “Signs”, where it was implied that aliens are weak against water… Ironically, they decided to invade Earth that is made mostly of water so they kinda fucked themselves.

My point here is, this is the second time now that water has been used to subdue a Martian Kataphrakt. Which leaves me wondering, how much do they really know about this technology of theirs? Do they simply wield these powerful weapons without knowing fully well its strengths and weaknesses? Because from the looks of it, these shits are arrogant enough to look down on humanity that it did not even occur to them how they might be single-handedly exploited and defeated by a mere Terran?

Which, as mentioned in my previous post about this series, where Inaho really shines. He never wasted any movements and the data he gained from his previous battles allowed him to prepare for countermeasures against this persistent shit. And to think that he was able to go head-to-head with this beasty despite using a low-class unit. See, this is why gifted pilots are awesome! It’s like Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing piloting a Leo!

Other than the story itself, there’s a lot of discovery that I’m indulging myself in this series. Well, Kayanon voicing an old, experienced captain is one….

Now that is HOT

Amamiya Sora is another…

I really love how she landed on a role that’s opposite to her kind and cheerful ones and at this early stage of her career. I don’t know who called the shots but having her exposed to roles before she becomes famous for a stereotype is a good thing. This gives off this vibe of how diverse a seiyuu is. And I appreciate that the most. As much as I enjoy hearing these people give life to these stereotypes, these characters that we know and love, I also enjoy them doing something different. Much like Kayanon voicing that commanding officer.

I guess the biggest thrill for me as a seiyuu fan is when I encounter a voice that I find difficulty recognizing then learning later that it was some seiyuu I have heard all along.

But I guess not all seiyuu has the capability to twist and transform their voices. In which they make up for it with good acting.

And as much as I hate Mamoru Miyano’s over the top acting skills, I find him enjoyable in Tokyo Ghoul.

I like some characters that he did before (Death the Kidd, Setsuna F. Seiei, Yagami Light), but when Miyano lands on a lively role, he has this habit of going over the top which annoys me. But for his role as Tsukiyama, I think he’s a good pick. He can let go and have his over the top acting and it would fit with this kind of character.

Being Nishiki is suffering

Nishiki may be a dick 4 episodes ago, but after seeing his back-story, I just have to feel sorry for this fucker. And as cliche as it may look like, this is still a well-narrated character development.

That moment when you realize that these two are the voices of Gray and Juvia in Fairy Tail

Nozaki-kun still continues its comedic streak with its weird antics, introducing three characters for this episode but man, blame it to OnoD to piss everyone off!

His Kimokakkoi acting rubs the characters the other way and even I can’t help but cringe at how pretentious that dick is! I don’t hate OnoD though… I just hate that fucking character!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Aug 05, 2014 @ 07:45:45

    Yep. Mahouka is all about magic as applied science. The way the novel presents it, much of it feels like engineering plus computer science ^^;.

    Your posts are making me want to watch Aldnoah. How many episodes is it again? I need to plan out how I’m going to watch this one at some point :p.

    Yeah, this character in Nozaki-kun is real pretentious ^^;. Thankfully, he’s only one of the many characters in the show :p.


  2. baka~
    Aug 05, 2014 @ 09:28:06

    Aldnoah runs for 12 episodes and is currently at 5.

    On a side note, I’m seeing a trend with Urobutcher here. Considering how he treated Gargantia, for some reason, there seems to be less blood and more on explosions as long as mecha is involved (and vaporizing humans). And as far as the story goes, it’s always the alien who gets to experience the culture of the inferior life forms. Quite a different approach from the usual exploration of the human psyche (i.e. Psycho Pass, Phantom, Madoka)


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