The Week That Was #11


Okay I give in. If there’s one thing that really grabs hold of my attention with Hanayamata, it’s definitely the characters’ eyebrows.

Call it a fetish or whatever, but there’s definitely something captivating with how they drew the character designs, especially the eyebrows. And if you want to showcase really cute girls, then this is one approach (that doesn’t fall along KyoAni’s moe-eyes) that hits spot on.

Though to be honest, I can’t expect much from the story…

While I thoroughly enjoy Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, I can’t help but be wary of this feeling that, at any moment, the comedy may die in itself. It’s as if the entertainment value of this series is paper-thin and one wrong slip and everything would come crashing down.

Nevertheless, this series still shows promise and has kept me entertained so far especially with Sakura’s idiotic antics.

As expected, arrogant characters who claim they “have prepared for the apocalypse for 15 years” ends up sucking in no more than 15 minutes. Seriously, if you suffer defeat from a war, the best that you could do is learn from your mistakes in order to strike back!

That said, Aldnoah takes the template of chaotic introductions in mecha which portrays how hopelessly weak-as-shit the MC faction is before the MC comes in to kick ass… After his best friend dies or whatever…

Well… Fuck

I’m actually holding my puke as I force myself to watch this series. Man, sometimes I wonder why most manga I read end up becoming weird anime adaptations.

Looks good though

Well, let’s see how much torment I can endure for this series… How it pays off later.

Ishikawa Kaito Eargasm?!

Is it me or does Ishikawa Kaito sound like Takahiro Sakurai when he dons the evil voice?

Second episode and I’m having a boner… Damn, Chiwa Saito x Nazuka Kaori combo is deadly!



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  1. x
    Jul 25, 2014 @ 15:56:23

    Hanayamata: Still fun.
    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Well, it’s mostly silly stuff. This is written by a shoujo mangaka, though this 4koma targeted webcomic/shounen audience. It’s not the funniest material all the time, but I find the character interactions silly enough to watch most of the time.
    Blade Dance: I’m curious, in what way do you find this weird? Well, maybe because I’ve read the novel, I don’t find this too bad :p. The pacing is rather slow, but so was the novel. The art feels like it doesn’t fit with the comedy ^^;. IMO, this seems to adapt well enough from the novel (at least much better than Mahouka :p).
    Prisma Ilya: Heh, NTR oneself? ^^;


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