The Week That Was #10

OnoD as Sebastian… PERFECT!

Summer 2014 highlights a lot of rookies getting the lead roles and so far, I’m loving it!

I’m loving Amamiya Sora’s voice work. She did a good job as Fujimiya Kaori in Isshukan Friends but her rough attitude in Tokyo Ghoul is what grabbed my attention. A welcome change of pace from her usual cutesy roles.


Of course, Hanae Natsuki has made his presence known previous seasons ago but seeing his growth as he lands on more roles is something I looked forward to.

And while his voice fits well with the whiny stereotype, I’m still looking at his diversity with the roles he landed this season: one as the calm and collected Inaho in Aldnoah and the morally-conflicted Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul.

While I was bummed out by the censors in Tokyo Ghoul, I was glad they didn’t put such annoying things in Tokyo ESP. Seeing the first episode reminded me of ZKC: Unlimited and Shinsekai Yori.

Dat animation quality!

Another thing to look out for with this series is Ibuki Kido’s involvement on a role that isn’t ecchi or slice of life. She has so much potential as a seiyuu but having her play the stereotype conceals how good she truly is.

One thing that I’ve noticed with Zankyou no Terror is this series is run by rookies. With no prolific veteran among its cast (unless I’m mistaken), nobody gets overshadowed by some guy with XX years of experience in terms of voice acting. Which makes it easier to identify who shines the brightest among them.

Is Soma Saito a guy or a girl?

Ishikawa Kaito reminds me of Uchiyama Kouki. I think the similarity lies in their voice range landing on roles where the characters are capable of acting like total snobs or annoying shit. A stereotype if you will, but one that I really enjoy.

Soma Saito has taken me by surprise. While his role as Takumi didn’t strike me as anything amazing, I enjoyed how he expressed himself accordingly in Zankyou no Terror. Whether it be childish innocence or a devilish prankster, I liked how he played that role and would love to see more things from him.

I think doing a series per manga arc of Kuroshitsuji is a brilliant approach. If anything, this preserves, or rather, immortalizes our characters and prevents the conception of shitty ideas like anime originals ends. I’m not saying ALL anime original ends suck but most of them certainly do.

Chiwawa alert!

And the only loli anime for me for this season! Well, it’s Prisma Ilya! What kind of reason do we need for watching this?

After covering that much of what I’ve chosen to watch, let’s go over the series that I may not have any intention of watching…

Rokujouma is just another harem anime that didn’t strike me as much. Packed with Nanoha look-alikes, klutzy magical girls, ghost girls, girls with boobs… You know the drill.

Aya Suzaki though?

Hanayamata IS good but I have a feeling that this will burn itself out. Or maybe I’m not just into moe/slice of life anymore. If anything, the dance choreography is catchy as fuck but I don’t want to watch a series just for that… probably…


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  1. x
    Jul 13, 2014 @ 03:30:09

    I’m avoiding most of the “bloody”, “psychological” and “terror” filled series this season :p. Which is almost half the shows that started this season I think? ^^;

    Prisma Illya is just more of the same (which is good), except with a bigger budget for art and animation I guess (which is even better)?

    Rokujouma felt like the author watched too many animes, read too many mangas, played too many games, and decided to write a story that would parody a bunch of them :p. For me, it all depends on whether the comedy works. The first episode was kind of borderline, but will see how this ends up.

    Hanayamata burning out? Probably. I’ll still watch this until that happens I guess. It’s still more interesting than all these “school girls wanting to become idols” animes that they keep churning out season after season.

    Others I’m watching:
    – Yama no Susume2: Now with ten more minutes per episode! XD
    – Majimoji Rurumo: Reminds me of some mangas from a decade ago or something. The style of this anime also feels like something from around that time I think? Something feels lacking, but overall this comedy seems interesting enough to watch for me, and this protagonist is .
    – Sabagebu: Yeah, the characters are not too interesting, but I like the storytelling style for some reason ^^;. The narration and the way the battle was presented in the first episode won me over :p.
    – Jinsei: This was not what I expected ^^;. Well, it’s not too bad, but not great either. I’ll probably watch while it still amuse me somewhat, but I suspect I’ll drop this at some point.

    Decided to skip Ao Haru Ride (the wariness against shoujo drama won over :p).

    Those that have started that I’m still to try/watch:
    – Himegoto: It’s a trap. Only a few short minutes per-episode.
    – Love Stage: Another trap? I’m curious as to what the fuss is about with this comedy.
    – Momo Kyun Sword: Not even sure if I should be giving this a try, but why not? :p
    – Nobunaga Concerto: Still not sure if I want to watch this, but I’ll give the first episode a try I guess.
    – Persona 4 The Golden: I wasn’t too impressed with the Persona 4 anime, but they say the protagonist gets more lines in this one. Makes me curious enough to have a look I guess?
    – SAO2: This will be better than Mahouka anime in every way, so why not :p?


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