The Week That Was #9

To start off another anime season, Amamiya Sora seem to be all over the place. Well, there’s also Hanae Natsuki which seem to be expanding his roles and Ohsaka Ryota feels like a staple now (it feels like I’ve been hearing him for three seasons straight) and there’s Kana-chan…

And Kana-chan too seem to maintain her powerful presence… Kana-chan OP AS FUCK!!

It’s not that I hate Kana-chan but she does seem OP nowadays. For the longest time, I’ve heard her in almost every fucking season and she has established herself as one of the pros for a long time now. It’s as if she’s on a whole different level of IMBA. But yeah, a part of me admires how she works and if anything, her acting is consistently superb!

Now going back, SAO 2 feels like an improvement from the first half of SAO. While it doesn’t feature a similar tension of everyone going batshit crazy, it does retain the tension of the possibility of that tragedy happening all over again.

And it makes sense. If they designed the AmuSphere to be a device that is supposed to be safer than NervGear, then they couldn’t afford of word about people dying while using it and it makes sense that they hire someone who is all too familiar with such an incident.

Then again, being a Star Wars fan, the light saber swordplay is awesome to watch!

I expect great things from a good start as this. Hope SAO 2 won’t disappoint.

I’m still having doubts with Akame ga Kill! since I have a hit/miss relationship with manga adaptations but we’ll see where this goes.

And here we have another “I AM HUMAN” kind of series. Well, if anything, I think i’ll be enjoying myself to Akame ga Kill and Tokyo Ghoul’s bloodsplats.

So we get Urobuchi with the support of Kalafina, Kajiura, and Yoshino… How could anyone possibly not expect the epicness? Is this some sort of offspring between Madoka Magica, Gargantia, and Shingeki no Kyojin sugarcoated with mecha explosions and pew pews?

And that’s probably it for now. I’ll be trying Sabagebu! and Gekkan Shoujo.

I’ve watched Argevollen and it feels like shit. I’ve also tried the Sailormoon remake and seeing how the transformation scenes looked like Arpeggio/Sidonia made me cringe… fuck, that was awful! Dunno if things will get good later but Argevollen and Sailor Moon are dropped at the moment.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jul 09, 2014 @ 12:04:26

    Akame: Not my thing :p.
    SAO2: I’ll probably watch this reluctantly :p. Will start later.
    Aldnoah: Not in the mood for mecha.
    Tokyo Ghoul: No thanks :p.
    Argevollen: Again, not in the mood for mecha.
    Sailormoon: Bad transformation? Eww.

    Those that I’ve had a look at the first episode:
    – Barakamon: This looks good and funny so far XD. Much better than I expected.
    – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Hilarious first episode. Hope it will continue to be good.
    – Glasslip: It’s PAWorks stuff, but not too interesting, feels messy. I might drop this if the drama gets annoying.
    – Hanayamata: This is really fun XD! By the same director and studio who brought us NGNL :p.
    – Rail Wars: I’m not even sure why I bothered to take a look ^^;. Totally not compelling stuff, unless you are a train enthusiast or something.

    Others that I’m thinking of trying (that already had their first episodes aired, but I’ve yet to watch):
    – Sabagebu: Said to be pure comedy stuff. Should be fun.
    – Ao Haru Ride: Heard good things about this one, though I’m hesitant about watching a shoujo drama.
    – Jinsei: Hope this will be interesting.

    I’m probably going to pick up a lot less this season :p.


  2. baka~
    Jul 10, 2014 @ 01:58:22

    Gekkan Shoujo has the quick pacing of Mangaka-san but guess the charm started to wear down due to its length. But despite some parts being boring, I enjoyed it overall.

    I watched Sabagebu with the expectations of C3-bu but what I got felt more like D-Frag which feels nice and all save for the fact that the characters bore me. It’s like all of them felt lame or simply lacked impact.

    I’ll try Hanyamata per your recommendation.


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