The Worst of Spring 2014

I was supposed to wait for Soul Eater Not! before making a post but after watching Black Bullshit’s last episode, I suddenly had the urge to vomit everything bad about spring in this post…

So my sincerest apologies for being unable to hold it it.

The infamous TRIAL BY COMBAT! WTF, I keep hearing this recently.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Black Bullet was so bad that even Tina couldn’t save this show from the depths of hell that it swam into. It wasted the good visuals, the voice cast, the music, by producing a nauseating plot and a progression that splattered all over the place!


Then you are putting your dick in the wrong series. Honestly jeez, just watch Ro-Kyu-Bu if you want a Hidaka x Kaji pair or that moeblob rabbit cafe anime that also aired last spring. There were better choices out there with probably some level of consistency in the narrative compared to this piece of garbage.

But seriously, what went wrong with this series?

It crammed a ton of content that reduced our characters to fictitious elements that made them soulless. It’s really hard to be empathetic with their plight if you are swept over by the erratic pacing. No matter how much anguish Yuki Kaji puts in his voice acting or how much joy Hidaka Rina intends the viewers to feel, it all becomes worthless before the rushed pacing of this series.

It’s like somebody is forcing you to drink an assortment of freshly brewed cup of coffee, iced tea, and and a vanilla milkshake every minute or so. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot and you burn yourself or drinking iced tea after coffee messes up your tastebuds, you just have to drink them all in random order, as the time permits. WTF?!

I’m losing faith with adaptations now and Gokukoku is another fucking disappointment (there’s that Flag series that I dropped earlier but let’s not go with that). Not only did they skip a lot of good content in the manga, the last two episodes felt total lolwut. And too bad since they have such a good cast on this one.

I have to agree and hop in the bandwagon with some people claiming that SHAFT is going to hell. I can’t help but think how right those people are. If SHAFT isn’t making a -gatari series or any series without Butcher in it, it turns out to be lackluster. And Mekakucity is one such piece of work. For the record, I don’t think this series was absolute shit. It just didn’t appeal to me as strongly as I hoped.

There were a lot of characters with supposedly a lot of issues yet they were handled poorly. For instance, that kid (above) who rescued his friend from being run over by a truck then both of them were kidnapped and then his friend went to the otherworld shit… Man, so many events that the idiotic me could hardly follow… WTF?!

Maybe this was different if it ran as a 2-cour series. Then again, this series was uninteresting. It was a total waste of time that I could’ve invested in watching Gundam Unicorn while in transit or some other movie and shit.

As for Soul Eater Not!, I don’t know if it would be able to save its ass considering the last few episodes signaled its decline and veered the train-wreck to its impending doom. I’m not hoping for any miracle whatsoever, I just want to watch the goddamn last episode and end my Spring list.


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  1. x
    Jul 02, 2014 @ 05:10:15

    Well, it’s a season full of rushed messes :p.

    Black Bullet simply crammed too much into too few episodes. I don’t really understand why they did that, but I’m guessing that they don’t have confidence that this will do well for another season, so they just packed as much as they could into it. At any rate, this really wasn’t the kind of show I’d go for, but it wasn’t too bad IMO, if only they didn’t rush so much. Even though it’s rushed, it’s still miles better than Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara in terms of pacing :p.

    As for Gokukoku, I think they did okay, considering which studio this came from :p. I mean. This is made by ARMS. With most ARMS anime, I hardly even remember what the story is about XD. It’s typically inappropriate fan service, more obscene fan service, then even more blinding and ridiculous fan service ^^;. I mean, which ARMS anime had you watch that wasn’t a big disappointment in one way or another :p? With this one, I found it at least interesting enough to watch (there are exceptions, but I get real bored or annoyed long before the show ends for most ARMS produced animes). They uncharacteristically didn’t over exploit the beach scene or even the many onsen scenes. The quality didn’t dip too badly mid season like all the other ARMS anime I’ve watched :p, and the pacing was better than any other ARMS anime I’ve watched as well. So I’d say it’s a good job, considering that this is ARMS :p.

    Mekakucity wasn’t my thing either. I’d say that for all the hype, it was rather disappointing (it felt as if they were making this anime on a shoestring when compared to other Shaft anime :p). I didn’t find the story to be very interesting. Felt like a folk tale modernised to make it more acceptable to the current generation (for this kind of stuff, I’d rather watch Kyousougiga :p). I suppose what drew people to this series was the way the music videos were presented. Nonetheless, the BDs for this one seem to be selling better than Nisekoi ^^; (which Shaft seem to have put more effort into :p). Kind of disappointing for me that stuff like Kyousougiga don’t sell well, while this ends up being much more profitable.

    Soul Eater Not turned out better than I expected (not that I expected much :p). It’s not great, specially when they started to rush things and get all serious with the tragedy and whatnots, but it’s still had many enjoyable moments, which is more than I can say for many other series.

    Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (that you dropped) is really bad. Probably the worst adaptation I’ve watched to the end this season. I say that despite enjoying the voices and whatnots XD. They rushed it so much that most of it is just an incoherent mess ^^;. I’m still interested in reading the novel, but it doesn’t seem like there’s enough interest to get it translated.


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