As Spring 2014 Closes (part 4)


Oh wait, it’s Frederica

A couple more series left as spring ends…


Hitsugi no Chaika may have been buried underneath the awesome of No Game No Life but make no mistake, this is still one of the better series that spring offered. Surprisingly, more than Black Bullet.

You never expected this huh?

One of the things that I respected with this series is how it gives attention to the fight mechanics. Saboteurs act much like Assassins and what really impresses me so far is how they keep every fight brief yet crucial. I really loved how they valued stealth and tactics rather than prolonged combat where Tooru and Akari aren’t suited for. Even Tooru’s reversal against Ricardo’s offense caught me off-guard and I never expected it would end like that.



I’m actually looking forward to the second season. Whoever’s pulling the strings must have something in-store for Gilette and I never expected Vivi to turn into a Chaika which quite blew away my assumptions in that Chaika are beheaded clones. So what caused this phenomenon in the first place? What happens when a person turns into a ‘Chaika’?

Will season 2 provide us with answers or will there be a need for a third one?

I may have not blogged much about Ping Pong but this is a surprisingly good find last season. The animation style may screw with you but if you manage to suck it up, the story, pacing, and characters would most likely hook you with this series.

Sidonia no Kishi may be no Majestic Prince but it has its own level of mech battles that I really respect. Of course, like with Ping Pong, the unique animation style does tend to throw people off but once you manage to get the hang of it, this series is quite good.

If anything, I believe this is something more “realistic” unlike Shingeki no Kyojin. I dunno, I still feel that Eren transforming into a Titan is weird shit all over. It kind of denies the conflict of US against THEM which Sidonia no Kishi emphasized through a pilot’s skill and the uncertainty of battle.

WHOAH! That Gauna looks badass!

And while some may argue about the Gauna reincarnating Hoshijiro and causing the deaths or Sidonia trying to learn from the Gauna, what makes this plot compelling is how they properly told that story unlike Shingeki pulling some weird shit on its ass like people transforming into Titans. The fact that this series has ventured into the unknown with the viewers, discovering truths along the way makes it more believable. For some reason, it justifies the deaths that were made in order to progress the fight against the Gauna.


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  1. x
    Jun 29, 2014 @ 05:07:40

    The last episode of Chaika made me punt my decision, of whether to watch the second season or not, until when it starts later this year (I was thinking of maybe skipping the second season after watching the rushed second last episode of this season ^^; ). Definitely better than Black Bullet, but that’s a pretty low bar IMO :p. As for Vivi, whose to say that she wasn’t a Chaika that had forgotten so much that she thought she was not a Chaika… (okay, maybe that’s way too much headache inducing confusion ^^; ).

    Ping Pong is really fun. Too bad many don’t seem to like the style. This was a lot of eye candy for me, and the story is pretty good too.

    I didn’t really like the art style in Sidonia, but that wasn’t the reason I dropped it (despite knowing that it would likely be a good series). The dark serious tone of the story just wasn’t my thing I guess.


  2. baka~
    Jun 29, 2014 @ 12:18:24

    I never expected the angle of Vivi being a Chaika originally. You really think up of some interesting ideas! XD

    Ping Pong IS underrated but if people would really watch it, I think they would appreciate what the series offered.

    Think of Sidonia as a bloody version of Arpeggio 😀

    At least people don’t get chomped to death in this series unlike Shingeki no Kyojin =|


  3. x
    Jun 29, 2014 @ 15:51:28

    lol. Well, it’s just not the same without Iona, Takao and the rest of the gang :p. Speaking of which, Arpeggio is getting two movie adaptations (one that basically reuses the material from the TV series, and one with a new story).


  4. baka~
    Jun 29, 2014 @ 16:10:22


    Is this their way of saying “The BDs went well and since we have no plans of season 2, we’ll cook up 2 movies instead”?


  5. x
    Jun 29, 2014 @ 19:22:34

    Sounds like it ^^;. Then again, it worked well for Madoka (I bet they made more money at the cinemas than selling BDs) :p.


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