As Spring 2014 Closes (part 3)

I can never sing enough praises for No Game No Live. The unique medley of fanservice and comedy, character and plot, driven by a professional voice cast, just made this entire season perfect that it simply left me breathless. So rare it is nowadays to encounter a series so complete that I get to savor and enjoy every bit of it.


This series has a lot of strengths but if there’s one peculiarity that I would like to point out, that appealed to me the most, it’s how they brilliantly reflected humanity’s inferiority complex.

Of course, we may argue that Sora and Shiro were OP as fuck but this series did a good job in justifying their strengths with facts. By proving to the viewers that Sora and Shiro ARE human, whatever absurd, high-risk-high-reward plays they commit to, are proved to be legit. It justifies that if we work our asses off, at the peak of our evolution as human beings, we could be like THEM. We could beat the odds by sheer tenacity and ingenuity.

If anything this series, this season, pays its respects to humanity. We may be an inferior race but we have proved time and time again how we persevered no matter the odds.

I do hope they give us a second season. The Old Deus making a scene really caught me off-guard. To be honest, I never expected the final episode to contain so much tension even after their battle with Izuna. So yeah, props to this series for their consistency. From start to finish, every bit, every morsel of No Game No Life has been filled with goodness.

One shouldn’t expect much with Daimidaler. In its truest sense, this series was meant to entertain with its gratuitous amounts of fanservice. What I didn’t expect from this series though is the amount of character development that came from the antagonists.

Overall, as long as expectations are kept at a minimum, this series wasn’t that bad. I had a lot of laughs and I enjoyed seeing the bad guys have screen time, especially Ritz.


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  1. x
    Jun 26, 2014 @ 05:45:41

    NGNL: They packed more than what was in this part of the novel :p (including some stuff that comes later I think). Feels as if they really want to make another season (or maybe they already have plans for one? Then again, I won’t get my hopes up, remembering what happened with Nobuna T_T ). That last scene teased too much IMO, but if it gets this series hyped up even more, I guess it might be worth it. Best anime of the season for me, and probably the only anime I’ve watched recently that has consistently good episodes.

    Daimidaler: Well, this is mecha + fan service + nonsense. Not only is “low expectations” a requirement, throwing out one’s brain and sensibilities is required as well. Not that any of the mecha anime we used to watch decades ago were all that different. Okay, most of those didn’t have this much fan service and nonsense ^^; , but “low expectations” and “don’t think too hard about it” were requirements as well :p.


  2. baka~
    Jun 26, 2014 @ 10:08:40

    I guess if the DVDs sell well, we get to see another season. Now that you mentioned Nobuna, didn’t it sell well with the DVDs?


  3. x
    Jun 26, 2014 @ 17:10:22

    Nobuna BDs sold in the three thousands to around four thousand. I’ve no idea what would be required for them make a new season, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication that they are making one.


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