As Spring 2014 Closes (part 2)

We all know how AWSM Matsuoka is but this is on a different level

Despite the length of each episode, Mangaka-san was one of the better forms of entertainment that the previous season offered. It was meant to entertain and they really made sure that it would deliver on that department. Now I don’t know if there will ever be another season of this but why not? I guess having it run for less than 15 minutes is one ingredient for ensuring that they don’t run out of material and so far, that formula works.

After watching this series, I’ll be refraining from drama next season. While I like Isshukan Friends, I just can’t help but notice how much “tired” I am watching this series. And to be frank, it’s odd since this was never a roller coaster of sorts nor does it frustrate me deeply (even if Hase is shit).

Props to you for baring your emotions like that

If anything, I actually enjoyed the Shougo x Saki pair than Hase x Fujimiya. They’re not cliche or overly romantic but I feel the authenticity between both of their emotions, especially Saki misunderstanding a lot of things.

I would like to commend Hosoya Yoshimasa btw, I may not have watched Strike the Blood but I’m getting familiar with his voice since he landed on quite a number of series that I’ve been watching last season (Isshukan Friends, Yugioh Arc-V, Haikyuu!, Black Bullet, Chaika). Of course, he IS a prolific seiyuu but this is probably the only season that I took real notice of him.


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  1. x
    Jun 25, 2014 @ 05:35:01

    They could probably create another Mangaka-san season from the manga material that has not been adapted (even without touching the second manga). Not sure if I’ll watch it though :p.

    Yeah, I like the second pairing better as well. Then again, I seem to like the second pairing in most of these stories better :p. Tired of drama? Well, at least this isn’t one of those Okada tears filled school life dramas :p. Not much sappy drama next season at any rate I think?


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