As Spring 2014 Closes (part 1)







Calm down people, we all know it’s adamantium

And with that, we have one shitty series down.

The battle bgm is nice tho

The episodic “Assassin of the Week” is something of nostalgia. I honestly appreciated how they portrayed the characters as an enemy that needs to be defeated by the end of the episode but overall, the series was lackluster.

One was stabbed at the heart and the other drank a full bottle of poison and they still look fine… wut

If you’re going to watch Akuma no Riddle, it’s best if you don’t expect much of this series. Then again, don’t watch this in the first place! There’s a lot of decent series this season that deserves attention and this probably isn’t one of them.

Well, that was disappointing

While they did a good setup in establishing the events of the next season (I hope there’s one) I kinda disliked the ending. They just crammed a ton of stuff that doesn’t make much sense if we look at it from the overall perspective of the treasure hunt. But from an episodic point of view, I think it’s best that Tensai’s bluff worked.

So there’s a lot of things left unanswered such as who “Yun” is, how was Hiiyo captured by Matsuri, when will Sansa make her move, and why is Juugo helping Nanana in the first place?

But for now, let’s face the fact that Juugo did raise a good enough affection points from Nanana and let’s see how things would proceed.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jun 23, 2014 @ 00:20:10

    I guess I won’t be giving Akuma no Riddle another try :p.

    Yeah, Nanana just ran out of episodes. Sigh. This started off fun, but soon became clear that there just was never enough episodes to tell much of the story. I’m still hoping for the novel to get translated :p. As for a new season, well, I don’t dare to hope for much, since very few Noitamina animes get sequels.


  2. Valence
    Jun 25, 2014 @ 18:20:21

    agreed on AnR. what a floozy.


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