The Week That Was #8

Yandere lolis are great lolis

It’s no surprise that supreme commander lolwut acted like a dickhead (like the rest of the government officials in Black Bullet’s setting) but what disappointed me the most would be the amount of content that they cut especially how the commander lost his leg. How the fuck were they even able to come near Aldebaran with all that Gastrea? But hey, with not enough Tina in this episode, it’s bound to fuck itself up right?

You’re such a good girl, Tina ;_;

Gokukoku Brynhildr was such a disappointment I regretted picking this shit up. But hey, only a few more episodes before it ends right? Believe me, the manga makes more sense than this garbage.

While Soul Eater Not was initially good, for a 1 cour show, it’s doing a crappy way of showcasing our villain. Well, Shaula may be an ass like her sisters but her sisters got more character development than her. And that is important…

So uh… Before Maka learned how to fly, it was Harudori first…

And the best anime of this season continues to be strong… At this point, I just can’t help but applaud No Game No Life’s consistency. Well, there may be times that episodes feel slow but I never found any of it boring. One more episode before it ends and I do pray we get a second season.

Other series comments:

Akuma no Riddle – I never really hated this series nor do I love it. It’s just “meh”.

Haikyuu!! – Consistently good, both in animation quality and content. Reading the manga is one thing, watching a good adaptation is another.

Chaika – Haven’t watched the latest episode yet but in my opinion, this series has few faults to notice. If anything, i’d rate this series above “meh”.

Isshukan Friends – Been reluctant to watch the latest episode… I don’t know why but Hase does get on my nerves… 😦

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler – Matayoshi is a dick! Hope the Penguins win.

Mahouka – Onii-san SWAG is so AWSM I don’t give a fuck anymore if they skipped and rushed through a lot of content (I ain’t being sarcastic here).

Ping Pong – Despite the weird animation, I love the story of this series. I wonder if Peco can beat Kazama.

It’s ironic how most of Imanity were rioting against Sora and Shiro only to be appeased by Sora’s antics… The power of fanservice


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  1. x
    Jun 20, 2014 @ 04:43:26

    Black Bullet: I don’t care much about this one at this point. Just want it to end :p.

    Brynhildr: At this point, it’s expected I guess.

    Soul Eater Not: I had low expectations to begin with, but this wasn’t as good towards the end. Not unexpected (since most one cour anime ends up being like this).

    No Game No Life: The best anime of the season IMO.

    Chaika: This probably wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t end up watching this right after NGNL week after week ^^;. The characters portrayed in this anime all seem to be some sort of idiot. I’m not sure if I’ll still be interested in the second season when it starts, but I’ll probably try the novel if it ever gets translated.

    Friends: Well, he is annoying :p. Feels rather rushed towards the end, though I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing (specially when a character is being annoying ^^; ).

    Daimidaler: Everything seem to suggest they will team up in the end.

    Mahouka: I’ve given up on the storytelling and character portrayal of this one, and I wouldn’t mind the flaws of this adaptation so much if they actually made some of the scenes look good, but so far the scenes mostly look too bland or too short for me. Considering that they have twenty six episodes, this sucks IMO :p. This is not quite as rushed as the Tokyo Ravens anime, yet I can’t help but think that Tokyo Ravens was better adapted than this ^^;.

    Ping Pong: Yeah, I love the story as well. The art style in this one is refreshing. Love the way they animate the matches.


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