The Week That Was #7

She may be creepy as fuck but I’d still smex her up!

Despite the tension that Sidonia have created for itself, the latest episode felt like… chill =/

Timeskips and Tanikaze’s rise to power aside, there wasn’t really any sense of urgency on episode 9. Surprisingly though, I don’t see it as a bad thing. If anything, I love how they are setting up the Gauna’s awareness of the Spears and how they used Hoshijiro to locate it. It looks like they plan on assaulting and destroying those spears on the next episode which would be interesting considering how this might affect Nagate’s mental state against the Gauna-produced Hoshijiro.

Seeing this little worm grovel is probably the most pleasant thing for this series

I have to commend how much effort Aya Suzaki has put in over her roles this season. Sidonia itself explored her potential to play creepy-as-fuck characters while Daimidaler handles her exposure to ero. And to think she came from a humble role in Tamako Market… Then again, didn’t Hisaka Yoko started from such roles?

Props to Ishikawa Kaito for that very convincing acting. Man, his speech to bring Hinata back to his senses really moved me. Not to mention, the BGM creating that fitting mood for that scene.

Duet version PLZ

Did they announce another season of this? Because it felt totally weird for them to suddenly change the OP (sung by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas?!) not to mention, they skipped a chunk of good material such as Hatta’s involvement at the beach scene, and Skadi’s arc (which I feel to be the BEST arc before Valkyria) in order to rush things up and introduce our final boss… WTF?!

Dat Mamiko Noto

Despite being another episodic series (like Daimidaler), I have to say that I enjoyed Akuma no Riddle a lot. I think the merits of it being episodic is that you tend to forgive the slow pacing and a seemingly lack of character development and instead appreciate the small chunks that they slap per episode; Whether it be a chunk of skinship scenes character development or action.

Surprise, surprise, guess who the last boss is?

I never expected Nanana to suddenly give out a hint like that without even flirting with (or torturing) Juugo. Is the next treasure so powerful that it would help in finding who Nanana’s killer was?

The episode was enjoyable at least but they did cram a lot of content which I found annoying since they moved on and progressed with the story without even going in-depth about the latest faction mentioned, Three Skulls. Not to mention, Yun’s relationship with it and Ikusaba’s involvement with that faction.

That was probably the highest risk-reward payoff that Sora did and honestly, even I don’t have the balls to play that kind of game. But after experiencing such crazy play, it justifies Sora’s intentions to Kurami. Revealing to her that he had no race backing him up, just sheer human tenacity that overcomes even the most hopeless situation. And I did like that turnaround. He played a major risk while aiming to establish a scenario where both of them wins.

All them feels!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 06:23:02

    At this time of the season, it feels like many animes are in rush mode :(.

    Brynhildr seem to be rushing towards the end (or whatever they intend to do with this anime in a few more episodes). I doubt there’s enough manga material for another season (at the rate they are adapting this), at least not for a long while yet. Never thought I’d see the day where an ARMS anime didn’t fully exploit a beach episode (typically, they would even add their own beach episode just to do their thing if the original material didn’t have a beach story).

    Nanana’s pacing is too fast, so much so that the storytelling just isn’t compelling for me at all now (also get the impression that they probably skipped a lot of stuff, making some of the character behaviours seem too inconsistent). Really hope the novel will get translated at some point.

    NGNL continues to be good, but they did skip quite a bit of the novel for this particular episode (I couldn’t resist any more, and read the novel chapters up to the chapter that this episode covered, love the writing style, very different from most LN I’ve read XD). Not that the anime sped things up compared to all the previous episodes, but there was more content from this part of the novel. Maybe they could throw some of it in BD extras or something :p. Due to the fast pacing at the end, it wasn’t as compelling as it could be IMO, but it still works out okay I guess. I think I’m enjoying this anime the most this season.

    Friends seem to rush a lot as well (flew right past the latest scanned manga chapters). Kind of disappointing (makes the drama less compelling), but not too bad I guess (I’ve seen far worst).

    Of course there are also those that have been rushing since episode one T_T.

    Much more comedy and slice of life stuff next season. I have not decided what I want to watch next season yet, but like most summer seasons, there’s less variety to choose from (for better and for worst :p).


  2. baka~
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 08:49:33

    I don’t have anything against anime originals but I would prefer if the buildup of the series lead to that. Rather than adapting the manga properly then suddenly deciding to veer off at the last few episodes, cramming tons of stuff that wouldn’t make much sense. And in Brynhildr’s case, it loses the purpose of why they needed to go to the beach (ease the tension of not being able to reproduce the medicine).

    I do recall having to recheck if I really was watching episode 9 of Nanana. I remembered how Isshin seemed to be afraid with Ikusaba last episode 8 then he’s suddenly holding his collar when the episode started. Talk about weird shit there.

    Did the stuff they omitted in NGNL really important with respect to the game or is it more fanservice-y?

    To be honest, I haven’t touched episode 9 of One Week Friends yet.

    I haven’t seen next season’s list but will we be expecting the Fate series or the Ilya continuation?


  3. x
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 11:35:25

    Yeah all the cramming don’t make sense.

    As for NGNL, the omitted stuff gives a better introduction to how this particular game was conceived. It gives more explanation about how things work, along with some comedy that could be interesting if the seiyuus can show off their skills ;).

    Next season. Sequels/Remakes:
    – llya : Yeah, this should be fun… hopefully :p (hope Silver Link don’t overstretch themselves).
    – SAO : I’m not too keen, but if I’m going to torture myself to watch Mahouka, I might as well watch SAO, then again I might just drop Mahouka :p.
    – Hanamonogatari: Hope there will be no more delays :p
    – Psycho-Pass: “Re-edit” version. Recap with extra stuff. Hyping things up for the second season (starting in October) I guess. Meh (doubt I’ll be interested in the second season either).
    – Space Dandy, Free, Hamatora, Sailor Moon, Sengoku Basara: Doubt I’ll touch any of these.

    Adaptations with source material I’m at least sort of familiar with:
    – Barakamon: Slice of life comedy about calligraphy in the countryside ^^;. Shounen manga that sometimes feel like seinen material.
    – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: 4koma series about a shoujo mangaka and his assistants. It’s nothing like Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to. They are in high school for one thing :p.
    – Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance: I’m sure you are familiar with this one. Hope this will be at least better than Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara :p.
    – Tokyo ESP: Weird ESP stuff in modern day Tokyo :p. I wasn’t too impressed with the manga, and I’m not sure if I’m interested in the anime.

    Other stuff I’m less/not familiar with and have not decided if I’ll watch them:
    – Akame ga Kill: Action sci-fi shounen manga. Yet another assassin story? Sigh.
    – Aldnoah.Zero: Another Urobuchi mecha anime original.
    – Ao Haru Ride: Shoujo drama comedy manga.
    – Bakumatsu Rock: Bakumatsu rock and roll ^^;?
    – DRAMAtical Murder: Yaoi VN. Mystery series.
    – Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita: 4koma. Idol. School life.
    – Glasslip: Slice of life original series.
    – Hanayamata: Seinen manga. Slice of life story about Yosakoi dance.
    – Jinsei: LN. Slice of life. School life. Advice column.
    – Kantai Collection: The crazy popular online battle card game is now made into anime.
    – Love Stage: Yaoi manga. Romcom.
    – Majimoji Rurumo: Shounen manga. Fantasy. Maybe romance? The manga is listed as completed, so I’m guessing JCStaff will likely finish this up in one go.
    – Momo Kyun Sword: LN. Momotaro (renamed Momoko) as a sword wielding girl ^^;.
    – Rail Wars: LN. Railway security. Action.
    – Rokujouma no Shinryakusha: LN. Premise reminds me of Nanana, but it’s a very different type of story I think :p.
    – Sabagebu: Shoujo manga. Yet another schoolgirls with guns series. Well, this is shoujo material (unlike most that came before).
    – Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen: Anime original. Mecha.
    – Shounen Hollywood: Idol. Novel.
    – Tokyo Ghoul: Creepy horror manga. Psychological.
    – Zankyou no Terror: Anime original. Terror. Psychological.


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