The Return of the Black Bullshit

Now this made me cringe

I don’t really like reviving a series I just turned down but after some goading, I decided to take another look at Black Bullshit…

And to be honest, it still sucks. The animation is really crisp but the pacing is still cringe-worthy though, for the benefit of Tina’s arc and the recent Aldebaran arc, there are a number of points that “restored” my faith back in the series.


Tina is OP AS FUCK!

She carried the show LIKE A FUCKING BOSS!!

And it’s not just the fanservice that this loli brings but her character portrayal was surprisingly good.

Let’s take a look closely at Tina’s arc: they introduced a girl that turns out to be an assassin, Osaka’s representative is a dick, Seitenshi’s bodyguard is a dick, Tina’s “master” is also a dick. So yeah, the character focus for Tina’s arc is on Tina. She’s the main antagonist for the arc turning every other side-character for that arc as annoying flies that you would most likely want to punch on the face or kick on the balls. As a viewer, my attention wasn’t focused on them but on Tina and her goals and her interaction with the rest of the characters.


Compare and contrast in the first 4 episodes of the series where they introduced an antagonist with some elaborate scheme, some side-character becoming close to our MC then asking him to kill her later, a level 5 Gastrea actually appearing near Tokyo, the human experimentation where Kagetane and Rentarou is both part of, and Rentarou’s dilemma of firing that Railgun… So yeah, the focus is quite all over the place. If there was supposed to be tension or adrenaline of sorts, I did not feel it.

Continuing with the Aldebaran arc (Tokyo Monolith Destruction), while I liked the pacing for this episode overall, what really got my attention was how really good they portrayed the hardships that cursed children experience. To be honest, encountering a girl that poured lead on her eyes for the convenience of fucking society just so she could help her sibling weighs more than Enju being condemned by her friends and changing school.

Let me make it clear.

How they animated Enju’s plight and the issue of the Cursed Children in the first 2 episodes pales in comparison with what they did in episode 8. If anything, the timing was really good: Rentarou and Tina encounter blind girl, assholes mock blind girl by being a dick, Rentarou warns girl to lie low for a bit then protests against Cursed Children come in. THAT WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT! I really loved that pacing more than Enju being treated badly and forced to change schools.

As mentioned, Tina’s arc carried this show back to being decent. While the pacing is still off sometimes, I think it’s not as bad as the initial episodes of this series.


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  1. x
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 01:32:01

    Agreed. The recent episodes are better (even to the point where it gets better than Mahouka, which isn’t saying much but… :p). Yeah, Tina’s arc made this somewhat decent even with the rather fast pacing.

    Meanwhile Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara became worst in the later episodes. Covering one whole volume of the novel in one episode T_T. At the rate they go, they probably would be better off to just made a super rushed and incomprehensible anime movie out of the entire novel.


  2. pennywhether
    Jun 16, 2014 @ 00:13:09

    Yeah, the first four episodes of Black Bullet weren’t great, but the whole thing dealing with Tina was an improvement, I thought. The pacing has gotten a lot better. It felt like they were trying to throw an entire season arc into the first few episodes of the series, so a lot of stuff felt rushed and disjointed. I finally got caught up with the series, and have enjoyed the focus on Rentaro helping the Cursed Children. The end of episode 10 left me in a bit of a funk, though.


    • baka~
      Jun 16, 2014 @ 00:56:18

      Episode 10 was depressing as fuck. I was actually wondering who did it and if humanity is worth saving. You know, joining Kagetane would’ve been a better idea after seeing what happened to those children.


      • pennywhether
        Jun 16, 2014 @ 01:10:40

        Totally. I was already leaning that way for a while since society has treated the girls so terribly. I get the feeling that Kisara’s grandfather is pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes, so he could well be orchestrating a lot of this stuff. Judging by the preview for episode 11, it sounds like Kagetane is coming back, so maybe this is Rentaro’s chance to join him (not that it would happen, but it would be nice!).

      • baka~
        Jun 16, 2014 @ 01:24:11

        There’s a lot of suspicious stuff going on with Kisara’s grandfather and the government overall. Not that there’s nothing new when it comes to such organizations but Black Bullet presents it so vaguely that I can’t help but wonder how much content they are hiding from the viewers from the perspective of politics established in this series.

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