The Week That Was #6

Mangaka-san has been an enjoyable show for me but Aito cross-dressing then giving Sena “milk” is probably the greatest mindfuck I have seen over the week… Boy was that fucking disgusting!

There’s definitely more to this series than what meets the eye. And to be honest, I wasn’t expecting Juugo to have such a background, not to mention, to be involved in this treasure-hunting business right in the first place. It makes me curious as to why he’s doing all of this for Nanana and what was that promise to a “certain girl”?.


I do hope the day comes when Nagate gets to kick Kunato down the balls. What that fucker did in order to hog the spotlight cost the life of Hoshijiro! the most annoying part is how he washes his hands off it. Fucking SONOFABITCH!

Is this supposed to be some other dimension Yuuya? Well, Arc-V is surprisingly fun if they skip the Action Duels. All that running makes the entire game retarded especially the use of Action Cards.

Onii-san Swag AWSM as always

Could there be anything than Onii-san CAN’T DO? Well, whatever, the discrimination between Blooms and Weeds is still evidently strong in this episode but I am looking forward to how Tatsuya shows off his skillz to shut them haters up!

I’m not really against those two but they ARE fucking annoying

So the new Daimidaler is quite the badass but I can’t say the same about the pilots. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being lovey-dovey and shit but they ARE getting on my nerves. Seriously, it’s because they do that shit 24/7 that Kiriko easily loses her mojo and can’t consistently generate Hi-Ero particles.

There you are…

That said, I can’t believe that Sonan chose to sleep despite Kouichi saving her. I was actually expecting her to get back up and prepare to taker her revenge against the penguins but this development was quite a letdown. Wonder what will wake her up.


That’s smooth bro. SMOOOOOTH

I still don’t fully understand the story bnt I still find this amazing. And is it safe to assume that any character voiced by Fujiwara Keiji almost automatically turns into a villain? =/

Miyuki Sawashiroooooo XD


The biggest source of Moe from this episode definitely came from Kayanon and Sawashiro but just when everything was going well…

Yeah, I so did not expect that. Who was it that came and wiped Sora’s existence? And why did Sora leave Shiro out? What was his intention of entrusting everything to her? Man, they really did a good job with this episode to leave me wanting for more!


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  1. x
    May 30, 2014 @ 04:32:09

    Mangaka-san: Agreed.
    Nanana: In some ways, I wish this had more episodes to tell the story with better pacing. I’m hoping the novel will get translated as I get the impression I’m missing a lot of interesting stuff.
    Mahouka: Still rushed. Character portrayals suffer. Not that it’s unexpected, but given how well NGNL is adapted, I’m kind of disappointed with this one :p. At least it does get most of the action scenes right (for now).
    Daimidaler: Agreed.
    Mekakucity: Agreed.
    NGNL: Probably the best anime of the season for me. I can’t think of any other anime that consistently keeps me entertained and intrigued every week. Best part is how they pace this anime. One episode to one novel chapter (based on the chapter titles I’ve taken a peek at, since I’ve not actually read the novel yet :p).


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