The Importance of Learning

Yes my friends, Knowledge > SWAG

After Sora’s GAR speech last episode, we’re actually back to the woodworks.

Well, not quite…

Steph may bitch A LOT but it’s most likely because she didn’t know or rather, understood, what Shiro and Sora has been doing. After all, caving yourself in a room to play games is not really a commendable hobby. More so, a supposed to be King and Queen of a country.

But this episode surely took me back, to the days where I would get reprimanded for “doing nothing”. Which is quite unfair. People who judge others by processing “information” at face value really love to run their mouths. And while Steph didn’t talk bad about Sora and Shiro, it was her way of defending her intentions, by claiming that it was “for the sake of her country”, that made a bad impression out of her.

And for someone who has the smarts like Steph, her rash actions driven by noble intentions caused her to fall far too many times. Steph’s heart is in the right place, it’s just that, she lets herself be bound by her heart instead of controlling her emotions to overturn the situation.

This soft, deadpan voice, sometimes I wonder if it was really Kayanon who does Shiro

While this episode may not be as motivating as the previous ones, this greatly stressed out good character growth. And if anything, I really liked how the current state of Imanity shrank down in the form of the personality that Steph exhibited in this episode. It may be rash and forceful but that blind tenacity really makes Steph, and Imanity, amazing. Though yeah, you can’t win wars, especially the kind of war that Sora and Shiro got themselves into, by going YOLO and diving in a battle without much information.

I wonder if we’ll get to see Sora fulfill his nekomimi party


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  1. x
    May 08, 2014 @ 02:38:06

    Shiro won’t allow it :p.

    Another good episode.

    As for the thing about judging at face value, well most of us are guilty of it to some degree :p, though it’s true that some of us do it much more often than others.


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