My fucking God! No amount of eye-candy will save this series!

When the anime adaptation was announced, I had high hopes for this series. I’ve read the manga, and while I found the plot to be overly cliched, I still found Black Bullet to be enjoyable in its own right. It had its own way of handling itself, presenting a good narrative of portraying discrimination (Cursed Children) under a faux Utopian setting.

Aside from that, they also did a good job in fleshing out the characters, more surprisingly, Shogen. I really liked how he “thought” of Kayo before he died. For some reason, it justified how he “treats” his tools, which, seriously blew me off in the anime. The moment that scene with Shougen popped up, him stooping so low and acting pathetic, I’ve lost interest. This adaptation betrayed my expectations and dove lower than what the manga offered.


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  1. x
    May 01, 2014 @ 03:59:24

    Heh, the pacing here gives me the same feeling as when I was watching Zetman :p. I didn’t have any expectations for this (I originally didn’t intend to watch this), but yeah, this is rather disappointing if one expects decent storytelling. The pacing sure ruins it. Having said that, I’ll continue to watch this :p. For some reason, I’m curious about where this will go and I’m too lazy to pick up the manga (and I doubt I’m interested enough to pick up the novel :p), and this is starting to feel like some arcade/console game with various challenges the protagonist needs to overcome ^^;.


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